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4 Breathtaking Restaurants You Should Visit In Your Lifetime

Budget meals are fun for the whole family. They are healthy, tasty, and, above all, cheap! The idea of splashing out on a dish you could make at home seems pointless. However, the thing about fine dining is the experience. Sometimes, the five-courses aren’t just about the small portions on the plate and the price. Sometimes, it’s about the views, the service, and the ambience. Not to sound pretentious, but the meals are only a small part of the eating out at a world-renowned restaurant.


To appeal to the doubters, here are four eateries which will take your breath away.


Ithaa Restaurant, The Maldives


Forget about the food for a moment because this place is a once in a lifetime gig. As you enter the main floor, the realization hits you that the establishment is under water. And, not like a couple of feet under either. According to the stats, this place sits sixteen feet below the surface. As a result, it isn’t uncommon to see exotic fish, turtles and sharks swimming around while you enjoy your appetizers. The lucky ones even get to pick their lobster and ask the crew to catch it. You can’t get food much fresher than that!



The Fat Duck, Bray

For a little background, Bray is in the county of Berkshire in England. Among other things, this ‘state’ is known as the Royal County and was awarded the title by the Queen herself. But, food royalty also lives here thanks to the presence of the mad scientist Heston Blumenthal. The Fat Duck itself is a quaint gastro-pub in a quiet town, but the food is spectacular. Although you may need to apply for a loan for a three-course dinner, you will get fireworks and pyrotechnics. And, they are in the dishes! Heston is renowned for using science to mix flavours and put on a show so that you won’t be disappointed.


The Snow Castle, Finland

As the name suggests, this restaurant is ice-cold. Built entirely of snow and ice, it has to be renovated every winter. But, you’ll be glad they do if you manage to book a table at one of the weirdest eateries in the world. Apart from the fact you have to wear a hat and gloves, you also have to eat fast before the food gets cold! Don’t worry, though, because it has its advantages when the champagne arrives. “Ice, sir?” No, just leave it on the table!”



Dinner In The Sky, Several Locations


The theory is simple: suspend diners from a crane while they eat. It sounds like it would never take off, but it has with the concept in dozens of countries worldwide. For those of you who want to doff their cap to the original, that’s in Belgium where the rates are around $280 for a seat at the table. Anyone with a fear of heights or falling from a crane shouldn’t attend, but it’s perfect for rich, adrenaline junkies. Just don’t leave your wallet at the bottom!



The cost may be high, but it’s nothing compared to the memories you’ll create.

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