With 4 cats you can bet that we test a LOT of cat products such as some of the best cat trees throughout the year and many are instant winners while others, not so much.

The following are the very cream of the crop; Some products are new releases while others are classics, but you can rest assured that all of these are guaranteed to be a hit with both cats and cat guardians alike.

Some items may not be available in all countries – if not from our link, get your Google on.


Founded in 1999 by engineer Brad Baxter who was desperate to find a solution to scooping his cats’ litter boxes; The Litter-Robot made its market debut April 2000. Their enthusiastic team has created a safe and reliable automatic self-cleaning litter box that really works. It’s efficient, eco-friendly, and requires only minimal attention.

Litter-Robot III Open Air Review

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Located in Russell Ontario owners Rick Milks and Sheila McNally have created a wonderful environmentally friendly quality cat trees company. Their products are handmade which means you can customize most models to suit your tastes and needs.

Wall Mount Bed Review

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Black Diamond Cat Trees

Unlike clay cat litter, only World’s Best Cat Litter™ uses a patented process to compress naturally absorbent corn into concentrated granules that traps odors deep inside and forms tight clumps on contact, so you can do more with less litter.

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Little Whiskers is your one stop shop for the best styles of Cat Furniture, Cat Houses, Cat Condos, Cat Trees, Cat Towers and cute cat and kitten scratching posts! They have a wide selection of sizes, colors, and price ranges to fit your needs. Your cat will love climbing, playing, and sleeping in their Cat Condos.

Vancouver Cat Tree Review

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Little Whiskers

Catit’s mission is to provide practical, easy to use, and convenient products that specifically meet the needs of fussy felines. Cats are renowned for being fussy. At Catit, they develop products that satisfy a feline’s exacting needs, whether it’s for housing, transportation, litter accessories, scratchers, dishware or toys. Catit products, such as Design Senses Food Maze, Speed Circuit, and Grass Garden are specifically designed for your cat’s unique senses.

Catit Senses 2.0 Digger Review

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Located in Kansas City, MO, Meowijuana operates their Organic Catnip, Cat Toys and apparel business underground in one of KC’s many caves. Their legendary catnip is grown in Southern California and Washington State. It is some of the utmost quality, pet-safe, organic catnip you will find on the market today.

Meowijuana Review

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Enriching the lives of cats since the year 2000, RuthAnne Miller has poured her passion into creating her small business. Her mission is to provide us with unique products that solve problems ; make your life easier and look great too. She believes that by solving the problems we have as cat owners, life will be better for both human and cat.

Watering Hole Review

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Petstages is dedicated to making pets and their humans happy. That’s why they are committed to creating the highest quality toys, games, scratcher & feeders that deliver on their brand promise.

Simply put, they believe good pets deserve better stuff.

Cat Toy Review

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Every One Fur All product is made to freshen pet-loving homes and cars. All of Pet House’s products are produced in the USA and contain an effective odor neutralizer to create the freshest environment. Pet House candles and wax melts are crafted with 100% natural, dye-free soy wax and contain absolutely no paraffin/petroleum by-products.

Candle Review

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Paw Parade is a mother-daughter team of crafty cat ladies from Ottawa, Ontario. We make handcrafted bow ties for dogs & cats, using vintage and designer fabrics in bright colours and fun patterns, as well as collars, felt toys and a few other items exclusively for cats.

Product Review

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Lulabandana is two unlikely friends; one tattooed 22 years old and a forty-something conservative woman, united in their love and passion for animals and their wish to make comfortable, quality and trendy items.

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Katris is a group of pet lovers who have cats or dogs as their companions in life. They care about their physical and emotional wellbeing. Their founder Jeff’s cat Ceo has particularly influenced and inspired them to create the KATRIS brand. With Ceo around them, they were able to witness his problems as well as his happy moments to create products that can offer rich experiences.

KATRIS Shelf Review

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As the quality leader, Coastal Pet has been setting the bar for decades for standards that remain unsurpassed today. Renowned for producing the highest-quality products in the industry, Coastal Pet has always been on the cutting edge of innovation and design.

Product Review

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Translated from Greek, Zoë means life, and an energy filled, healthy life is what Zoë want for every pet. That’s why their pet food products are packed full of nature’s good ingredients. Zoë, natural pet food products for a healthier, more active, fun-filled life.

Product Review

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All PureBites® cat treats are made with only 1 or 2 Ingredients. Cats love the taste of PureBites® because their treats are 100% pure locking in the aroma, texture and freshness they crave. Cat parents love PureBites® because their treats are rich in nutrients for a happy and healthy life.

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Emerald Pet Feline Treats are the healthy grain free solution your cats will love! Sold through pet specialty retailers only, these all natural and nutritious crunchy treats are irresistible to cats. Discerning pet owners will love that they’re grain free, gluten free, soy free, dairy free and made in the U.S.A. with US ingredients.

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At Prefer Pets, they make thoughtfully designed, stylish small pet carriers for the caring, discerning pet owner on the move. Why? Because they love small pets. They understand them, what they need day to day to feel safe and happy and how important they are to you.

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On2Pets were inspired to deliver a hand-crafted artificial tree, with the purr-fect balance between design and functionality. By utilizing top quality raw materials and by submitting each one of their trees to scrutinizing quality control procedures, they were able to design a beautiful modern cat tree that you and your kitties will LOVE!

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What goes into your pets food is important, but equally important is what doesn’t. That’s why NOOD put together a team of some of the industries leading nutritionists with over 50 years experience to develop a complete and balanced range of recipes that your pet will love.

NOOD Review

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