Black Diamond Cat Tree

Company owners Rick Milks and Sheila McNally have set new standards when it comes to quality cat furniture. Located in Russell Ontario, they’ve been building their products since 2010 and have hundreds of happy customers throughout the Ottawa region.

Black Diamond Cat Trees’ products are hand made locally, this means you are supporting a local, Canadian company. It’s always nice to encourage local businesses to help our economy grow.

Did you know?

Black Diamond Cat Trees believes in doing what they can for the environment, which is why they try to make their products as “green” as possible. They do this by using nontoxic glues, recycled structural materials whenever possible, and they use new carpet remnants only, that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

Rick and Sheila are also big supporters of animal shelters and animal rescues around Ottawa. For example; You can find a selection of their products at the Ottawa Humane Society boutique with all profits going to the animals in need.

Also, they have a pretty amazing referral program for rescues and shelters. If you are referred to them by a rescue or shelter, simply mention their name when making your purchase and a portion of said sale will go to said rescue/shelter.

Owner Rick came and dropped off the wall mount beds for us to try. All the cats came to greet him and investigate what he brought except for our scaredy-cat Sawyer. But the second Rick left, Sawyer claimed that bed as his!

After spending the night laying in our new wall mount beds, Sawyer finally agreed to let me hang the first one.

Installation is incredibly easy, the holes are already pre-drilled 16″ on center and you’ve got your screws ready to go. All you have to do is find your stud and keep a level handy… I barely had the second screw into the stud when Sawyer jumped in!


Pictured above is Fish who has knowingly stolen his brother’s bed and is now fearing his return as he is climbing up the cat tree to come claim it back.

Ollie is our little menace. I had initially installed the bed much lower but as we would walk by in the hallway Ollie would BOP! us on the head with his paw. So I had to raise it just a tad. Mind you, he still tries but hasn’t succeeded yet.

Every cat is different and has a different personality. This is Dexter and he is a bit antisocial. He doesn’t particularly like to be touched by people so for this reason he prefers to stay at a distance and just watch. This bed is perfect for Dexter because it’s high up where he can survey his surroundings. I found him to be much more relaxed and at ease, this was a great addition for Dexter.

To sum up, I love that black diamond cat trees are a local company that you can support that in return is supporting shelters and rescues and its surrounding area.  The fact that they are environmentally conscious just blows my mind.  This is a company I can absolutely throw my weight behind.

If you’d like to learn more about Black Diamond Cat Trees head over to their Website  | Wayfair  | Facebook  | Twitter


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