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Petstages – Turn Your Cat Into a Kitten All Over Again

 Tower of Tracks 

Encourage your cat’s natural instinct to pounce and play with Petstages Tower of Tracks. This multi-level play station is perfect for multiple cats in the household and encourages active play at all hours of the day.

Plus, this is a great way for you and your cat to bond with each other through these play activities. It’s a sure way to keep your kitty’s interest and an even better way to keep her engaged.

This toy still had the packaging around it when my cat started spinning the balls in a circle. Fish turned into a little kitten again playing with this incredible toy. Even I enjoyed myself watching him spin the ball and run down the hall, then zoom back up the hall to hit the ball again.

Three tiers mean three times the fun. I thought he wouldn’t use all three tiers but he actually did. I’d sometimes grab the tower and spin the balls for him, he really enjoys that.

I sometimes even hear him late at night when I’m sleeping and his playing wakes me up because he’s rolling those balls around so loudly. I get up thinking “what’s that sound? … oh it’s just Fish playing with his Tower of Tracks!”   LOL.

 An absolute hit in our household!

Crinkle Berries & Candies

Petstages Play toys for cats bring out the wild instincts of your cat while keeping boredom at bay through problem solving opportunities and active play. These sweet Crinkle Candies mimics the crunching sound cats love and have a small playful shape they love to bat and chase.

  • Catnip Filled
  • Addresses Cats’ Physical Needs and Instincts
  • Lightweight for Cats to Chase and Carry
  • Crinkle Sound Cats Love


My cat, Fish, is obsessed with real candies, I must watch him like a hawk or else he steals all of them from the candy dish. When I found out we were getting the chance to try these, I was really excited!

I presented one of the candies to Fish and he knew exactly what that crinkle sound was. He grabbed it by the side and off he went chasing it down the hallway and batting it down the stairs.

 I was worried that this toy would be rendered useless once the cellophane ripped but we discovered this cute little ball inside that Fish loved just as much as the candies.

 Fish loved the crinkle berries just as much if not more than the crinkle candy it’s long crinkle foliage made him go bonkers. He spent hours  batting that thing around the house and never got tired of it. Now my issue is trying to find them all so he can keep playing with them. LOL 

Fish had an absolute blast with all his Petstages toys. He gives his paw seal of approval for the tower of tracks and both the crinkle berries and the crinkle candies.

 If you would like to learn more about Petstages head over to their Website | Facebook | Instagram  | Twitter 

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