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Coastal Pet Products

Coastal Pet has been manufacturing pet products and providing exceptional customer service since 1968. A family-owned, American manufacturer, Coastal Pet is committed to leading the industry with innovative, quality pet products that people trust for the pets they love. They proudly manufacture a vast array of collars, leashes and harnesses at their state-of-the-art facility in Alliance, Ohio. This includes handcrafted leather and the majority of their nylon products.

Coastal Pet is much more than an American manufacturer of the best restraints in the industry. As the quality leader, Coastal Pet has been setting the bar for decades for standards that remain unsurpassed today. Renowned for producing the highest-quality products in the industry, Coastal Pet has always been on the cutting edge of innovation and design.

Today’s manufacturing facility is just under 400,000 square feet and they proudly offer more than 7,500 SKUs. They design in-house proprietary machines to best suit their unique manufacturing processes. Automation also plays a pivotal role enabling Coastal Pet to yield more products, especially in nylon and leather. Coastal Pet also has an in-house testing laboratory and frequently performs tests on all of their products to maintain a high level of quality in both materials and workmanship.

Comfort Soft® Adjustable Mesh Cat Harness

The breathable Comfort Soft Adjustable Mesh Cat Harness is comfortable, lightweight and great for walking your cat. It conveniently distributes leash pressure evenly across the neck and shoulders. Adjustable from 14-16″ to fit most cats.

Wonderful product. I loved how the harness stayed in place, unlike our previous harness that kept rotating around his body. The fact that this harness is not only secured between the shoulders but also between the legs makes all the difference. 

I only wish they made some for bigger cats as not all cats can wear this XS harness.

Coastal® Adjustable Snag-Proof Nylon Breakaway Collar

Coastal Collar with adjustable, snag-proof nylon and breakaway buckle is designed to release if a cat’s collar gets caught. This collar is adjustable from 8″ to 12″. Do not use with leash or tie-out.

Breakaway buckles are EXTREMELY important! In 2016 Fish accidentally escaped the house. When he was located 25 days later his collar was missing which meant he got caught on something and managed to break free thanks to his breakaway buckle. If it would have been a regular buckle, he could have stayed caught much longer and we might have never found him. Not to mention he could have seriously injured himself. These collars save lives. Invest the little extra money and protect your cat!

Turbo Scratcher® Cat Toy

The Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy includes a spinning ball and scratch pad for hours of fun. Catnip included. The scratch pad keeps cats entertained so they don’t chew or tear furniture. Replacement pads also available.

If you are going to purchase a single toy for your cat/kitten, this should be it! In all the toys I’ve purchased throughout my years of owning felines this has by far been the biggest hit! Fish enjoys hours of fun with this multi-purpose toy. Sometimes, late at night, I hear him batting the ball around. It always puts a smile on my face knowing that he’s enjoying himself at all hours throughout the day. A definite must have.

Turbo Scent Locker Heart Plush Animal Cat Toys with Catnip Spray

The patent pending Turbo Scent Locker Heart Cat Toys is available in plush animal shapes with a special heart to lock in catnip oil spray for long lasting feline fun. Heart locks the catnip scent inside the toy and fresh spray can be added at any time with the included spray. Replacement catnip oil spray is also available.

Swing and a miss. Although we are big catnip lovers in this house, this toy did nothing for my cats. They had no interest in this toy whatsoever. I’m thinking it probably has something to do with the shape.

A great company with amazing products. Fish gives his paw seal of approval on all of these products except the Turbo Scent Locker Heart Plush Animal Cat Toys with Catnip Spray.

If you’d like to learn more about Coastal Pet Products, head over to their Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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