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Simple Ways to Dress Up Your Garden


Once you’ve put in the effort to transform your garden from what was basically a wasteland into a functional garden space, all that remains is to add a flourish of finishing touches, which will dress up your garden and make it really stand out from the crowd.


Here are some simple ways to finish off your garden and make it the best place to spend time:


Throw Down a Few Outdoor Pillows


Outdoor pillows are a fantastic finishing touch, because not only do they add some extra colour to the space, but they also create more comfort for you. Good outdoor cushions are waterproof, and can be thrown down on the grass or pavement, or used to jazz up your benches and chairs.


Build Borders


One of the quickest, and easiest from a  gardening point of view, ways to give your garden an attractive upgrade, is to create some new borders. Borders are like the frame that makes your favourite piece of artwork pop, and every good garden should have them. If you have lots of flowers in the garden, creating green herbaceous borders will provide the perfect frame, or if your garden is more green space than anything else, planting pretty, bold flowers around the border perimeter will probably work best.


Think About Your Grass 

If you want to make the very foundation of your garden – the turf – to be as simple as everything else, then you could do a lot worse than synthetic turf or something equally as artificial. The grass is a fundamental part of anyone’s backyard, so if this becomes a lot simpler, then the rest will follow suit. Not only will it look neat all year round, but you won’t have to put in much effort to maintain it – real, natural turf comes with all kinds of maintenance 



Install a Fountain



Every garden needs a focal point, and there are few focal points that are more attractive, soothing and impressive than a good water fountain. It doesn’t have to be particularly big as long as it has running water and it’s placed in a central location, it will do the trick.


Fun Accessories


Like the inside of your home, the garden needs accessories to show off more of you5r personality and ensure that there are always lots of little details to draw the eye, wherever you are in the space. Good garden accessories include weathervanes, Buddha statues, zen-like pebble stacks, gnomes and metal sculptures. Choose any combination of accessories that take your fancy and spread them out across the garden for the biggest impact.


Create a Garden Sign


Garden signs are so cute, and they can make your garden feel even more special. The key to a good garden sign is to make it unique, and that means making it yourself. This doesn’t have to be hard – just painting the name of your garden (make it whimsical) onto a piece of driftwood will give you something special that welcomes guests into your garden.


Fairy Lights


Instead of lighting the garden with boring solar powered bulbs, invest in a few sets of outdoor fairy lights and hang them from the fence, nail them to the wall and wrap them around your furniture, they’ll give your garden a unique, magical glow, which will transform it into a wonderfully whimsical space when the sun goes down.


Spray Paint Your Furniture


If you don’t want your garden furniture to look like all the rest, invest in some spray paint and start transforming. Golds, silvers and pastel colours work particularly well in the garden, but feel free to let your creative juices run free.


Dressing up the garden, as you can see, really is easy, and it’s a lot of fun too! Doing any of the above will ensure that you have a pretty, polished garden, but doing them all will ensure you have the most unique garden on the block!

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  1. Krista M says:

    We have done the spray paint your outdoor furniture before & it works awesome. The sun tends to really fade out the original color of the furniture & we re-painted it the original color to make it look new again. But you could choose a new color also for a change!

  2. Lynda Cook says:

    It’s great to spray paint lawn furniture that is faded, no sense spending money on new items, when all it needs is a refreshing!!

  3. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    Although I now only have a small patio I did like these ideas to freshen up a garden. 🙂

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