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Why You Should Definitely Consider PayPal for Your Gambling Activity

A great feature of online casinos is that they offer different payment options. This ranges from standard bank transfers to Visa, Mastercard and e-wallets. However, one of the most highly recommended casino payment methods in use is PayPal.

PayPal is one of the most widely recognised and trusted e-wallets around and there are advantages to using the platform for online casino deposits. From security to speed and convenience, it offers a lot for players, and for many, it remains the go-to option. Because of how easy it is to use, it is a much-recommended funding source.

Here we look at some of the top reasons why PayPal could become your casino payment companion.

How to Find PayPal Casinos

The first step is to find good, trustworthy online PayPal casinos. Fortunately, that is not a difficult thing, as there are many out there to select from. A quick search online will churn up results, or better still, you can find the best Paypal casinos on BSTCasinos.

The site breaks down important aspects of online casino operators from bonuses to customer service, mobile play and those all-important payment options. All the operators listed there are highly reputable, licenced online casinos that are safe to play at, and the guide affords readers the chance to pick their ideal favourites. Still, if you have time, you can do the job yourself to compare different platforms and choose the best ones. 


Most leading online casinos accept PayPal for payments, which makes it easy to find a casino site to get started with. The fact that so many platforms offer PayPal, makes it particularly useful when playing at more than one online operator.

It’s common for players to use different casino sites, normally to access a greater variety of slot titles and table games. One site, for example, may have better slots, and another a wider range of live blackjack. Being able to use PayPal across different sites just simplifies the whole affair instead of being limited by payment methods.

Security in Anonymity

One of the big reasons why PayPal came to the fore as such a strong option to use for online gambling, is because it acts as a middleman between the casino site and banking information.

When a payment is processed to an online casino by PayPal, no personal banking information is transmitted. Only the payment transaction details that PayPal creates are logged, so using PayPal keeps that personal information out of the loop.

That is a huge extra layer of security to take into consideration. It essentially means that there is not another entity out there holding on to your bank card details, as operators do store payment information.

Easy Set Up

Linking the PayPal account to an online casino account for payment is straightforward as well. Through the cashier section, simply select the PayPal option from the methods that are available to you, enter your email and password, and a secure connection will be made for the payment.

Online casinos run encryption, which means that all payment information is encrypted before it is sent. PayPal also operates in multiple currencies, which is another great advantage.

Transaction Fees

Another reason to consider PayPal as a funding source is because of minimum or no transaction fees. When making a payment at your preferred online casino, then you are only going to face either a minimum or more likely than not, no transaction fee.

It’s not that common for online casinos to charge for deposits, but some do apply up to a 3% fee for withdrawals. Gambling experts, such as Jack Hamilton, always recommend checking for processing fees, both with the casino and with PayPal themselves, especially for higher withdrawal amounts.

Quick Withdrawals

Because PayPal can also be used as a withdrawal option when it comes time for a casino cash-out, there are further advantages to be gained. Traditionally, any withdrawals to options like a Visa, Mastercard or bank transfer are slow and can take anywhere up to 7 maybe even 10 working days. But PayPal options are a lot quicker for withdrawals. Once a request has been approved, your cash can be back to you within 3 days, sometimes within 24 hours.


Should you run into any kind of issue, then the PayPal support team will be right behind you. It is available 24/7 and it has a good reputation for excellent service. They can be contacted through email, phone support and live chat to try and resolve any issues.

Mobile Play

PayPal takes some of the daunting aspects out of the task of making an online deposit at a casino. Another great advantage it has is that the secure PayPal app can be loaded on your mobile device to quickly check transactions when making deposits at mobile casinos. That, of course, is on the same device that is also running the actual mobile casino you are playing at!

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