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Converting Your Garage Into a New Room

Many men and women out there are wishing for a room of their own. Whether it be a room for crafting, tools, a rec-room or just a guy’s pad there are only so many rooms in the home so many are turning to their garages as alternatives.

Rec-Room: For those that do not have a basement turning the garage into a mini rec-room can be a great idea. Although it will take some planning and possibly electrical work the results are worth it. Concrete polishing the garage floor is a great start as it will add beauty as well as durability to the garage. Wall to wall cabinets will help with providing a little storage and if they are custom made room for a tv and entertainment unit can be added. Just remember when turning your garage into a rec-room that there are neighbors nearby and sound will travel. It may be a good idea to look into soundproofing the room for added comfort.

Crafting Room: Another alternative is a crafting room. Many more stay at home moms and women, in general, are working from home either doing crafting, sewing, or other general work. This could be a great alternative use of the garage when the bedrooms upstairs are all filled up. Depending on where you live and in what climate a heating system might be a good idea to consider if you are going to design this for an office/work type space.

Music Room: For those that live with musicians this is a great idea. Whether it be the guitar, drums, trumpet, etc.. musical instruments make noise. If you have no basement and your ears need a break the garage may be a great alternative. As with the rec-room looking into soundproofing the room is a good place to start as the neighbors may also not enjoy the music.

Guy’s pad: All guys will tell you that they would love a room to themselves. If you have a fellow at home that has been clamoring for some space turning the garage into a guy’s pad might be the solution. Installing a bar fridge, lounge, TV, and such might just give him and the guys the ideal place to watch Sunday football leaving the house free.

These are just a few suggestions for making use of the garage other than to park the car. Regardless of what you decide to make the room remember to carefully plan it, budget wisely, and consider those around you in particular the neighbors. The garage can be a great extension of your home and if done right can prove to be perhaps the best place in the home.

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