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Anti-Ageing Strategies When Living Good Isn’t Enough

When it comes to keeping your skin healthy and your body looking youthful, there is no denying that maintaining a healthy lifestyle, with exercise, a good diet, a proper sleep schedule, and plenty of water is going to play a big role in winning those battles. However, if you’re still starting to see signs of ageing appearing more than you would like, there are other steps that you can take, as well. Here, we’re going to look at some of the strategies worth thinking about.

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Change your skincare approach

Most skincare products are designed to, in some way or another, keep your skin feeling and looking more youthful. Hydrating it, tightening it, and giving it the nutrients it needs all help to achieve this effect. However, as the signs of ageing start to appear, you might want to start using specialized anti-ageing creams that can help do things like protecting against UV radiation damage, replacing lost collagen, and the like.


Laser skin treatments

If you don’t mind getting a little more in-depth with your treatments but you don’t quite want to go under the knife, then there are a few options that might help you do just that. Laser anti-ageing skin treatments, as shown at Everyday Health, are getting more popular thanks to the fact that there’s little aftercare and how it naturally boosts collagen and energy in the skin cells.



If you’re just looking to correct small differences in the skin texture and tone, then a microdermabrasion treatment might be the best thing for it. This is a treatment that improves surface-level skin issues such as fine lines, spots, and even things like acne scarring by removing the outermost layers of skin and stimulating the growth of new skin in the same place, regenerating some of the damage done over time.


The surgical approach

If you have specific problems that you want to attack, be it loose skin around the stomach, forehead wrinkles, or baggy eyelids, then the most active and direct approach is the surgical kind. Which surgery works best to your needs will depend on what signs of ageing are affecting you the most, but sites that provide plastic surgery videos can show you what is involved, as well as the kind of results that you can expect. It’s not a magic wand, but it can help a lot.


Injection treatments

There are two primary injection treatments that are used to treat signs of ageing. Botox shots are used to freeze the muscles attached to parts of the face that cause wrinkles when they move, such as crow’s feet and smile lines. Dermal fillers, on the other hand, supply the skin with collagen while helping to fill and plump the area just beneath, returning lost volume and helping your skin look a lot firmer again.


What are you willing to do to keep the signs of ageing at bay? The answer might be different for everyone, but it’s worth at least exploring your options as outlined in the tips above.

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