5 Driving Violations And How To Avoid Them

Some traffic violations are so common that almost every driver will feel guilty at least on one occasion or another. Receiving a ticket or points on your licence is a serious reminder that prompts car owners to obey traffic regulations. However, the issues don’t end as soon as you settle the fine. Traffic violations can also increase your car insurance costs. You can avoid car accidents, higher insurance premiums, and tickets by following safe driving habits. Here are a few common driving violations and how to avoid them.


  1. Switching lanes carelessly


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Carelessly swerving in and out of lanes is a dangerous driving habit that can attract tickets. Perhaps, you have seen many drivers switch lanes wrongly only to get stopped by the police. Lane changes at the wrong place is a leading cause of accidents. More often than not, the driver switching lanes tends to cut other drivers off, causing them to brake harshly. Maintaining your lane and being respectful of the right of way is a good idea.


  1. Not using your seatbelt


Driving without wearing your seatbelt is a common error you can avoid with little effort. Buckling up is a standard rule for drivers and even passengers in many countries. A seat belt is a restraining system that is designed to keep a car occupant in place to reduce injuries in accidents where you could be thrown against a solid object. Consider using this feature anytime you hit the road. It will protect you from potential head injuries and other problems when you experience a crash.


  1. Ignoring the red lights


Running a red light can cause many issues for drivers. On the other hand, obeying traffic light signals will keep you and other road users safe while helping you avoid potential tickets. Yellow doesn’t mean you should start accelerating; instead, slow down and get ready to move. Admittedly, breaking traffic rules may happen sometimes because of the flow of vehicles or sudden light change. However, it would be best if you don’t try to drive through the traffic at intersections, especially if it has changed to red. Waiting for the green light to show before you go can save you from offences.  Additionally, consulting a traffic ticket lawyer is worth it if you violate driving regulations,as they can help you navigate driving-related legal issues.


  1. Not stopping for school buses


Drivers are required to stop behind school buses when kids are boarding or getting off. Stopping is also necessary when you are on the opposite side of the road. Drivers who fail to stop for school buses risk hurting and potentially killing children. Therefore, make it a point to stay alert and stop when you come across a school bus. Developing this simple habit can save lives, tickets and a long time behind bars.


  1. Speeding


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Undoubtedly, speeding is a major cause of accidents and traffic tickets. Unfortunately, many drivers don’t learn to control their acceleration. Crashes become more catastrophic when driving at top speeds. Speeding isn’t only unhealthy for drivers and pedestrians but your wallet. You can avoid tickets by watching for speed limit changes as, especially when approaching busy residential areas. Slowing down is a smart move when the weather is bad, you sense danger ahead, or reach school zones.

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