Reviews Subscription Boxes

Treatsbox is a North American monthly candy box service that ships candy and treats straight to your door! offers monthly subscription services as well as individual special edition boxes available in retro, sour, chocolate, original and the newest box, the Wonka! Treatbox selects the most delectable treats from well-known suppliers. Their Treatsboxes are never the same so each month will be a sweet surprise. They have many subscriptions and sizes available, as well as exciting gift options for that special someone.



Regular Box – Regular Treatsbox is filled with various types of candy and treats that changes monthly so you’ll always have a different sweet surprise arriving at your door.

Starts at:
$16.99 per month


Epic Box – Got to have more Treatsbox? No problem. Subscribe to the Epic Treatsbox as it’s twice as big and twice as good! Fully satisfy your treats cravings!

Starts at: 
$33.99 per month


Colossal Box – Introducing the biggest Treatsbox yet, the Colossal! Subscribe to the Colossal Treatsbox it’s three times as big! Great for the office or party!

Starts at:
$50.99 per month


The goal of Treatsbox is to “introduce you to that sweet surprise that you may not have found on your own or re-unite you with that old candy from the past that you haven’t had since you were a kid”.


The Best of the Box

Jam-packed with berry goodness. With just one bite, Berry Burst will bring you back to those shared summer moments.

Legend has it, Down Under at least, that soft-eating licorice came to be quite by accident. The fortuitous creation of a
careless Australian candymaker. There’s nothing happenstance, though, about the delicious flavour and chewy texture of Lucky Country’s Aussie-Style Soft Licorice – the way licorice was meant to be.

Tango Popping Candy is a wonderful thing. Tango was introduced to Britian in the 1950’s, and has grown popular all over the world. This definitely brought back childhood memories.

The Worst of the Box

This Pokemon corn potage rice cracker package features the adorable electric mouse Pikachu and the crackers are shaped like small mini corn slices! The crackers have the taste of sweet corn mixed with slightly salty herb mix. 

Say good bye to getting up and making yourself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich! With MegaLoad’s super creamy peanut butter stuffed to the brim with strawberry jelly, you won’t need a pesky old sandwich ever again!

Although I didn’t enjoy every single item in the box, it was still nice to experience treats from around the world.

If you’d like to learn more about Treatsbox, head over to their Website | Facebook | Twitter

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