A Garden Isn’t Just For Summer

The title says it all. Most of us are guilty of paying far more attention to our gardens during the summer. Flowers have room to really flourish and, most importantly, the weather is nice. Nobody wants to be mowing the lawn or removing dead plants during the coldest days of winter. Yet, a garden really isn’t just for summer. You need to put love and attention into maintaining it all year round, whether you do it yourself or you hire a company like iTrim4U, you need to put love and attention into your garden. Nature doesn’t press the pause button as soon as the warmer months have passed. Still, you need motivation in order to get out there and start looking after your garden. Here are some ways to create an incentive to be in your garden more often.



Declutter and opt for minimalism.

Before you can feel excited about the prospect of spending time in your garden no matter what the weather, you have to create an environment that’s aesthetically pleasing and one which boasts handiwork that you’re proud to call your own. It’s time to declutter. Mow the lawn and get rid of dead plants, first of all. That’s something you may occasionally do, but it needs to be a regular habit. Still, that’s only the beginning of the clean-up process. You need to think about all the non-natural clutter in your garden. The lawnmower you forgot to put away, the kids’ soccer ball and other toys, and old garden furnishings.


This clutter creates an unappealing mess, and it sends a message that you don’t take pride in your garden’s appearance. You might want to look into companies such as armstrongsteel or Western Constructors for small metallic buildings that could serve as a sturdy shed to house the excessive amount of junk littered around your garden. If you have a proper home for everything then you’ll have no excuse to make a mess in this outdoor space. You can start to work towards that minimalistic design you’re after. Remember, nature needs to be able to breathe. When it grows, cut it back, and don’t make things worse by drowning it in your discarded possessions. Decluttering also work in relation to people who own garden centres. As there is a larger surface to cover, it may be best to get the assistance of companies like Buxton Water, who offer the services of Hydrodemolition. This will involve the process of using high pressure water to get rid of excess concrete and grout in the garden. At least with this out of the way, you’ll have a little more space in your garden.



A few treats.

If you’ve gone for the DIY approach with regards to tidying up and improving your garden then give yourself a pat on the back. In fact, as a reward for your hard work, there’s no reason why you can’t allow yourself the luxury of making a few fancy additions to your backyard. After all, much like your living room or bathroom, you need a centrepiece to draw people’s attention when they step into your back garden. So get a little creative with the design process.


You could opt for something quite subdued if you’re not about flash design and you want to keep the natural feel of your outdoor space. A small pond in the centre of the garden with wildlife friendly pond plants and a paved path leading up to it is a very captivating image. Everyone’s vision for a perfect garden is going to be different. But of course, if you want to go one step further and install a pool or a hot tub so that your luxurious addition has a practical purpose.


Again, as mentioned earlier, minimalism is definitely the key when it comes to designing your garden. One or two luxuries are fine if they don’t obstruct the overall aesthetic of this outdoor space. Ideally, you want additions that enhance the overall aesthetic, but the relaxation factor is vital above all else. You need a spot to enjoy your garden. If you think a pool or a hot tub will add that to your garden then you should get one.


A garden isn’t just for summer. Much like the puppy your mother got you for Christmas when you were little, you can’t choose to love your garden when it suits you and expect that it’ll still be in good shape after neglecting it for months, weeks, or even days. Nature wastes no time in growing wildly out of control, so you need to work hard to keep this outdoor space looking nice. Remember that grass still grows during winter.

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