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Lulabandana is two unlikely friends; one tattooed 22 years old and a forty-something conservative woman, united in their love and passion for animals and their wish to make comfortable, quality and trendy items.

They met each other working and volunteering in an animal shelter, sharing the same passion and will to do something for animals. All their items are handmade with care and love.


The bows are made with two elastic loops that easily slips onto your pet’s collar for a perfect, comfortable fit. Your pet will not even realize he/she has it on but will sure notice all the extra attention he/she is sure to get!

XSmall: 3″ x 2″
Small: 3.5″ x 2.5″
Medium: 4.25″ x 3″
Large: 5″ x 3.25″
XLarge: 6″ x 3.5″

We love to celebrate Tieday Friday with our very loyal Facebook followers. Unfortunately in 2016 Fish fell ill and Tieday Friday was postponed indefinitely.

We are so honoured and feel so blessed that Lulabandana was able to accompany us in our Tieday Friday comeback.

Such amazing bowties. Nice thick fabric and sturdy construction. Excellent for any cat award shows Fish may need to attend in the future 😉

The Snuffle Mat

It’s the latest craze: the Snuffle Mat

The concept is simple: you hide your cat’s favourite treats all over the mat. Your cat will go crazy, using its senses to find the treasures! Contrary to plastic toys sold in store, this is made with soft fleece therefore no pain but plenty of gain!

Not only does it keep your cat occupied, it provides physical and mental stimulation. For cats who eat their meals too quickly, spread their meal all over the mat to slow them down. Because of it’s conception, you can adapt the mat to all cats, from beginners (put treats more towards the surface) to expert foragers (put treats further apart and deeper in the mat), from kittens to senior felines, even dogs love them!

To keep maximum interest, remove the mat once all the treats have been found and take it out again just before giving it to your cat. Check the mat for loose ties and tighten them if needed.

It is machine washable, either dry flat or dry at lowest heat.

The plastic base measures 12in x 11in and the finished product measures approximately 18in x 16in and 5inches in height.

New colours added on a regular basis but if you want something specific, do not hesitate to contact them!

Top Secret Mission

Coming soon to Lulabandana fashionable felt flowers!


Fish gives Lulabanda his paw seal of approval!

If you’d like to learn more about Lulabandana, head over to their Website | Facebook | Instagram

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