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5 Effective Measures To Curb Relationship Stress As Parents

Parenting brings you closer as you start a family and share a small world together. Sadly, it is also one reason for some Canadian couples drifting apart because they are unable to deal with parental stress. Balancing your role as a spouse and parent is tricky, and it takes a lot of work. Partners have to hold on to each other, even as they struggle to make ends meet and raise kids. Thankfully, there are ways to curb relationship stress as you focus your attention on kids. Here are some tried and tested tips by couples who have been through the experience.

Identify the root of stress

The best place to start is by identifying the root of relationship stress. Most couples struggle because they fail to prioritize each other after having kids. At times, different parenting styles lead to quarrels and stress. Yet others recognize financial issues, work hassles, and personal anxiety as the root of the problem. Unless you know the root of the problem, you cannot think of a solution.


Finding the root cause of stress is only a start. You need to have open and honest communication with your partner to pick a strategy that works. Find time to talk, not about kids and work, but your relationship. Discuss things you do not like in their behavior, but refrain from negative criticism. Consider it as an exercise to bring your relationship on track. Honest communication fosters trust and understanding and genuinely makes a difference.

Take time off and de-stress

Working together on improving your relationship helps, but you must take time off and de-stress often. Do something that releases your anxiety, be it exercise, meditation, or gardening. You can try cannabis for stress relief as it is safe, natural, and legal in Canada. Order your drinks and edibles from westcoastcannabis and have them at hand for the low moments. A solo session makes you feel relaxed. You can even have a good time together with a cannabis session as a couple.

Rework physical intimacy

Surprisingly, parental stress hits your physical intimacy as a couple the hardest. It can ruin your relationship before you know. But the good thing is that a little work on your intimacy can bring your bonding back on track. Spend more time together, apart from the kids, to keep the spark burning. You may even have a babysitter or grandparents looking after them and plan dates and short trips to bring the intimacy back.

Sort out finances

Parenting brings additional financial pressure on couples, and it can lead to stress. Sorting out finances together and being on the same page helps. Work on short-term budgeting and decide long-term financial goals as a couple. Let finances be collaborative and never conceal anything from each other. You will feel less stressed and closer once you ace financial planning together.

Your relationship as a couple should be the top priority even after embracing parenthood. It is the foundation of a happy family, so it deserves all the attention you can give.

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