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5 Effective Ways to Clean Your Drains

A clogged drain line is the nightmare of many property owners. Clogs can happen for various reasons, including food particles, grease, and hair which find their way into your pipes. They build up with time, and they have a devastating effect on your house if you detect them after a lengthy time. At first, a clog in a toilet or sink may not seem dangerous. However, these clogs can cause structural damage to your property, and they can go as far as reducing water flow in your pipes, leading to illnesses.


The general rule is to contact a professional plumber the moment you detect a clogging drain. Applying DIYs for drain cleaning is an effective way to save money. But it may cost you twice or more in some cases, the average amount of hiring a plumber if anything goes wrong. Plumber cost is cheaper and less time-consuming than doing the repairs yourself because plumbers clean drains for a living. 


Aside from being a cheap alternative, a professional plumber will offer you regular maintenance services. In addition, they often give their clients tips on safekeeping to avoid different plumbing problems. That way, you get value for money and an extra token.


Remember that cheap is expensive, and that is true when it comes to DIY plumbing because, in an effort to save time and money, you might make minor mistakes that may lead to bigger costly problems later on. To avoid this, please consider hiring the services of a certified professional plumber available in your locale. 


Check out these five practical ways professional plumbers help protect properties from blockages.


Way #1: Cleaning With The Drain Snake

Plumbers use the manual drain snake for pipe cleaning. The snake is, in essence, a snake-like cable. It is equipped with a handle which the plumber uses to crank the cable through the pipe. Alternatively, the plumber puts the snake’s screw-like end in the pipe’s entrance.


The plumber pushes the cable inside the drain with the help of a crank. However, the cable can meet resistance, which is the blockage. The trick is to manipulate the snake till it breaks through the obstruction.


Way #2: Unclogging With a Motorized Drain Snake

There are often clogs that are difficult to break even for the manual snake. That’s where the motorized drain snake comes in handy. It functions in the same way that the manual snake operates, only better. Apart from helping break tough blockages, plumbers use the motorized snake to clean bigger pipes.


Here is how it works: the snake gets stuck on the tough clog. The motor technology allows the plumber to apply more force, propelling the snake through the drain, thus feeding it inside and removing the cable after the drain cleaning. The process is automatic, thus enabling the cable to respond faster and efficiently.


Way #3: Cleaning Drains Using Chemicals

Then there are the organic blockages. This kind of clog requires the use of chemical solutions if a plumber wants to break down or dissolve the mass of organic gunk present in your pipes. Again, it is essential to note that hiring a licensed plumber is best to get the job done. That’s because their expertise in the field allows them to determine the correct quantity of solid and liquid chemicals required to form the solution against the gunk.


Way #4: Unclogging Drains With Air Burst

Airburst drain cleaners allow the plumber to dislodge a clog in a toilet or sink. It uses the help of carbon dioxide pressure which is strong enough to dissolve and break up the waste build-up in the drains. Using airburst drain cleaners ensures a faster and more effective pipe cleaning job compared to drain cleaning using chemicals.


Way #5: Cleaning Drains Using Hydro-Jet

A professional plumber will employ the hydro jet to eliminate the most formidable obstacles. This device clears obstructions by forcing high-pressure water through pipes. Compared with the typical drain snake, the gadget is often quicker and more reliable.


In conclusion, should you ever encounter a clogged drain problem in your home, contact a professional plumber near you for the best drain cleaning methods. Get value for money as you also save more and keep your drains running.

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