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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Shaving Your Pubic Area

Are you injuring your pubic part because you are unaware of all the important 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Shaving Your Pubic Area? Is it so?

Want to find out, what is the right way to do it?

Do you shave your pubic hair every month? And you have experienced that you are doing it in a wrong way because your pubic area is constantly sore, red, and itchy?

No need to panic! You might be using a method that is not suitable for this delicate area of skin. However, maybe you are using expired products for shaving and you are not aware of it.

Therefore, we are here to enlist the 5 common mistakes that you might have ignored or not given attention to.

These convenient, but essential steps need to be taken by every woman who is reading this to prevent herself from further injuries.

What tools do you need to shave your pubic area?

Tools or equipment that should be used carefully and certainly that won’t cause any severe injury as well are:

  • An electric shaver machine
  • an epilator
  • A shaving or hair removal cream
  • Laser machine
  • A wax heater or a hot wax
  • A razor

A Comprehensive Guide – To Get a Smooth, Delicate, Hair-free, and a Silky-Soft Pubic Skin

What are the common mistakes that you are committing?

Let’s begin!

Step 1: Stop using a razor or a used blade over the pubic area

You should keep a piece of information in mind that avoids using an old razor or a blade on a dry pubic area. That will certainly leave that place allergic or your skin might be affected. So, before using such stuff, do moisturize it or make it wet.

However, you can also take a shower before using the razor, so that the dryness might fade away. Moreover, if you want to make your pubic hair smoother and softer, then it’s easy to soak it with water before shaving.

This will perhaps prevent your skin from irritation and the hair follicles will have some time to relax. Therefore, it will also cause less pain in the removal of the hairs.

Step 2: Do not make use of soap or any other body wash

You should know that this area is quite sensitive and delicate, so it should be treated with care. Therefore, soapy or foamy chemicals should not be applied to this specific area. As a result, it will cause soreness, irritation, and redness.

However, if you want to apply anything oily then you may use an exfoliator. But, it should belong to a good company that doesn’t have any side effects. Plus, it’s always good to remove all the dead cells beforehand, to prevent allergies.

So, exfoliation makes shaving easier!

Tip: Do not use any harsh soap on your private part.

Step 3: Use an electric shaver with care

If you are shaving with an electric shaver then you need to keep a few drawbacks in mind regarding the shaving machine. Firstly, clean it regularly after use.

Secondly, you have to hold your skin tight to prevent the hairs from turning and twisting.

Thirdly, make sure that your hair follicles are not very long, which might create problems during the shave.

Finally, after using an electric shave, never leave the pubic area dry.

Step 4: Make use of a trimmer before shaving

You must be thinking about the use of a trimmer while shaving the pubic hairs, right? Let me tell you why it is necessary to use it before.

You should trim the hair follicles in the pubic area because long hair might not be removed easily. So, if you want to use a shaver or a razor then it’s better to trim it or shorten it, and then carry out the rest of the process.

Likewise, a trimmer will only shorten the length of the hairs; it would not remove them permanently. So, do not confuse the trimmer with the shaver.

Sounds good!

Step 5: Never shave in the opposite direction of the hair growth

Is this something new for you to learn? If yes, then read below.

It’s better not to shave in the opposite direction of your hair growth. Whereas, if you want to shave it then be ready for all the pain and injuries because it will give you a hard time.

So, it’s always better to shave in a similar direction that will lessen the hair removal pain. If you are using a razor then it might leave out various ingrown hair follicles that can’t be seen or are not visible.

In order, to carry out a complete finishing of hairs, make use of an electric razor or a wax.

No pain, no gain!


Still not satisfied with the idea of 5 Mistakes To Avoid When Shaving Your Pubic Area? Then wait, let me elaborate a little more for you.

You are already aware of the fact that the pubic area needs a lot of your attention and time when it comes to the removal of the pubic hairs. Furthermore, if your pubic smells bad then you can apply an aftershave on this area as well. But make sure that the aftershave is for delicate skin and includes good plus healthy ingredients.

Plus, you can take the help of the shaving cream as well that will smoothen up your skin just like before.

Baby skin is all you will get!

Besides, you can use a warm shower that will prepare your body for shaving. Thus, you can also use alternatives like a wet cloth or a towel, cotton, or a loofah for cleansing.

Tip: Do not leave your pubic hairs to grow above a certain length.

Also, if you are using a razor then make sure you change it regularly. Therefore, it will also prevent your skin from growing infections.


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