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7 Apps Every Woman Should Have

I have an addiction to trying new apps on my phone.   It’s true,  I love downloading them, trying them out, then deciding whether or not they make the cut and get a permanent spot in one of my folders.   

I’d like to share with you all these apps that have not only made it into one of my folders, but are a part of my daily life.  



Flipp is a an app I use to check local sales, and also price match other stores while i’m at Walmart.  You can choose whether what category you’d like to see flyers from, such as groceries or furniture.  Another great feature is that you can search for specific items.   “Peanut butter” in the search bar will show you all the stores with peanut butter on sale.  You can circle the item by tapping on it, so it is saved to your clippings board – which is great for price matching, as you have all your items in one place.  



Photo Editor is the best photo editing app I have used.  It’s not complicated, and gets the job done.  I love that I can play with so many different settings as well as crop and add text.   Definitely a must-have. 


14123998_10157448730685595_193715206_o (1)

Pinterest, ahh, the most underused yet effective social media site in the universe.  If you have a business, blog, website, anything, you need to be on Pinterest.   If you’re looking for DIY Christmas gifts or birthday party inspiration,  Pinterest is your go-to.  But did you know, users make thousands upon thousands of dollars because they rack in blog readers via Pinterest? All you need is a captivating photo for users to click and a reason they want to read your content, and you’re set. 


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After I look at dessert recipes on Pinterest, I like to take a walk.   Lets not judge my lack of steps yet this morning,  it is still early and I haven’t even made it to the coffee maker yet (yes, this is your cue to hide).  I love using my new fitbit charge 3 as it give me real time info on how I sleep, Eat, Walk,  pretty much everything I do regarding my weight loss goal is tracked with my Fitbit Charge HR.  Even my heart rate, which is such a great feature as I do have heart problems that need to be monitored.


EveryDollar is the best budget app I have ever used.  There, I said it.  Now,  I have to admit, I can barely stand the man who created it,  Dave Ramsey,  but I have to admit that his budget app is the best thing for my Finances.  It helps me see how much money I have, if I allocate some here, there and everywhere. I can plan months ahead and it’s very clean and streamlined.   I would have taken a photo of the app in use but, that’s a little personal, don’t you think? 😉



Instagram is another social media site that bloggers often forget about.  There are millions of people using this app every day, so why not use it to your advantage? I’ve taken a few social media courses for bloggers and i’m just now learning how to reap the rewards.   Did you know you can use hashtags wrong?  Apparently I have been this entire time! 



Everyone needs a period tracker in their life.   Especially when they go on a birth control hiatus because they believe the hormones are making them crazy. 
ahem.  Enough about me. 
I’ve used this app for the last three years, and it’s been great – I have never had any issues and it does what it’s supposed to.  They recently added the Trying to Conceive option that helps you keep track of temperature and tells you the peak times to have nookie with your man.  Plus, once you get pregnant on the TTC mode, it has a Pregnancy mode that counts down to your due date.
Female reproductive health – in one app.  

These are my favorite apps, and I use them all daily.   Did I mention every single one of these are free to download in the app store?  No? Well, they are!!  I suggest you go download them, but first, let me know in the comments below what app you would recommend to me, and our readers.

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