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A Short Guide on How to Send Money from Canada to Ukraine

Meest is a service that unites people worldwide, helping them support each other in the fight. People from different countries have access to Meest services. The company is opening more and more new offices, allowing people to send cash and non-cash assistance to each other. It’s time to figure out how to send money from Canada to Ukraine.

Advantages of Using International Transfer Services for Sending Money to Ukraine

Among the advantages inherent in international money transfer services are the following:

  • Operation speed: you can enjoy money without the stress of crowds.
  • Predictability: no additional fees for the recipient.
  • Convenience: the ability to receive money in the desired currency. The primary condition is that the sender must indicate the currency of receipt during the execution of the transfer.
  • Easy procedure: you don’t need a bank card to receive money.
  • The ability to track the transfer of funds in your account.

How to Send Money to Ukraine Card

Using Meest as the best way to transfer money to Ukraine, you must contact the company representative in Canada with the address and phone number. You will need to fill out an order form, so you need to know the recipient’s data. 

Remember your passport if you intend to send a large amount that exceeds 1000 US dollars. And also, to fight corruption, be prepared to indicate your work method.

How to Receive the Money

To become a happy owner of a large amount of cash in a Ukrainian bank (PrivatBank or Aval), you must:

  • Show your passport.
  • Indicate to the operator the 6-digit number of the money transfer. The sender can send it to you once the money is sent
  • Accurately give the amount and the sender’s name.

Critical Information You Should Know Before Transfer Money Abroad

There are many transfer systems in Ukraine, both local and international. To select your option, check several criteria:

  • Service representatives and their physical offices in the country you are sending from.
  • The size of the commission for the transfer and who pays it.
  • The exchange rate when converting currencies.
  • The term for which the transfer is made.
  • Restrictions on the amount and currency of the transfer.
  • Required documents.
  • Requirement for a bank card for the sender and the recipient.

We hope that you have learned about money transfers to Ukraine from Canada. Of course, to implement international money transfers, people choose Meest – a service that has already established itself as a first-class and reliable delivery service. Why not entrust her with not only your valuables but also money?

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