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Arranging Your Home To Make It Look Bigger – Part 2


Spending more time at home, as is the case during the pandemic, can make you realize that there is room for improvement, especially when it comes to making your home appear bigger. You’ve probably binge-watched Marie Kondo on Netflix for inspiration. Decluttering is key! But decluttering can only get you so far. 


For memory, here are some of the more practical tips for your indoors. A strategic approach to your decor can transform the room. Isolate individual functions per room, as the room function should dictate the decor. Think about your bedroom, for instance. The core function is for sleeping, which means the bed should be the central point of interest. You can then arrange furniture around the bed to support the same purpose. Minimalist interior styles that follow your routine and preferences can also enhance the space in each room. Getting rid of units you don’t use free up space, both physically and mentally! 

But have you considered how your garden can affect your interior too? Indeed, arranging your garden with regards to your interior can help make the home look bigger. 


Pexels – CC0 License 


Reduce disturbing shadows

Everybody loves a bright lounge area surrounded by windows with a direct view of the garden. Except, perhaps when there’s a huge tree standing in front of your window and casting a menacing shadow onto your sofa. Trees need regular pruning and trimming; otherwise, they grow out of control. You may need local professional help​. If you’re not sure where to start, have a look at the blog area from Sydney Tree Company. The team shares tips on trimming, pruning, and even tree surgery. They’ve got plenty of before and after photos to illustrate how much difference tree care can do to your home. Letting direct sunlight into your home immediately transforms your perception of rooms. They appear brighter and bigger in an instant! 


The curse of allergies

Spring and summer are the best seasons to open the windows and bring the fresh air in. Unfortunately, for allergy-sufferers, opening the windows is the last thing you want to do. Keeping the pollen at bay can be tricky! Unfortunately, keeping the windows shut can make the room feel stuffy and unwelcoming. Your garden will play a significant role in your allergic reactions. You can create a lovely front yard with allergy-friendly plants if you know what you’re looking for. St. Augustine grass, for instance, is a great choice for grass allergies. You can keep colourful blooms without pollen issues, such as Begonia, Crocus, Orchid, Pansy, and Tulip. 


Garden furniture extends your interior

Last but not least, your garden furniture can extend your room. Picking elegant and sturdy furniture you can use outdoors will make your home feel bigger and more open. Lounging on the deck rather than in the living room, that’s undoubtedly the embodiment of a bigger home! Ideally, you want to opt for weatherproof items that can sustain sunny and rainy days. How about turning your covered patio into a garden lounge? It lets you create a relaxing space outside your home. 


More often than not, you’ve already got the perfect home. You’ve just not been able to see it until now. Hopefully, combining tricks to make your indoor more spacious and turn your garden into a home enhancement project can transform the space. Are you ready to reclaim your indoor space?


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