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Candy Gift Basket Ideas

Gift baskets are one of the best gifts to give. They are not only fun to buy or make, but they’re also fun to receive. Just the thought of receiving a bunch of different things you love is enough to make someone smile from ear to ear. Gift baskets can be purchased for numerous other occasions, such as birthdays, weddings, baby showers, Valentine’s Day, or any other occasion that gift baskets may seem appropriate to give.

There are all sorts of ideas for creating your own gift basket, but one idea that is actually frequently used by many is a candy gift basket. Unless you’re buying a gift for someone that’s intentionally on a diet or just can’t stand candy for some reason, candy is usually always well-received! Here are some ideas for filling the gift basket you’re about to give with some of the best candy in a candy store:


Find a Basket

Find a basket that will be the right look and size for the occasion and recipient.  If you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on a fancy basket, take a look at your local dollar store. They have plenty of baskets or containers that come in all shapes and sizes! 


Filling the Basket

One important thing to do when filling a gift basket is to make sure there is plenty of stuff on the bottom of the gift basket to enjoy. Many gift baskets just have padding, like shredded paper or tissue paper lying in the bottom, but for a candy gift basket, I suggest to fill the bottom with bazookaj joe or any small wrapped candy. Something you know the recipient would love.

The next thing that you’ll want to get to is the main body of the actual gift basket that you’re making. There are plenty of options here, but the best thing to do would be to take a trip to the candy store and spend just a set amount of money on candy altogether. Little candy bars can be thrown in, candy mints, gummy worm and other gummy candies, as well as a whole bunch of other option. The best thing to remember, though, is to fill the gift basket to the brim if you’re going to make it right!

After you’re all done filling the bottom of the gift basket, as well as the main part that the recipient will see then it is time to add a few other large pieces so that they’ll be the star of the basket. Choices for this can either be King Size candy bars, big packages of variety packs of candy, liquorice, just about anything that would fit neatly in the basket. 

Of course, you’ll also probably want to wrap the gift basket in shrink wrap so that none of the candy falls out. You can obviously wrap the basket with a nice bow or ribbon for presentation and to secure the shrink wrap, but the essential directions of the candy gift basket should be adhered to as described above!

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