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I think it’s safe to say we have all used a Crayola product or two at some point in our lives.  We love Crayola products over here. From every day colouring to crafts and more! 

We have many baggies full of tiny pieces of crayons that are not really usable to draw with, but we just can’t part with them. 

I have been keeping them in hopes of someday using them in a craft or something.  Now with the Crayola Crayon Factory, I can make new crayons out of our old broken pieces with the Crayola Crayon Factory


Recycle old crayon bits into colorful reusable crayons with the Crayola Crayon Factory.

Designed to work with most standard size Crayola crayons, this electric-powered accessory lets kids create custom toys with colors of their choice. Mix different colours together and create new colours, or make some pretty funky looking tie-dye crayons! 

Have you ever wanted to create your own crayons? It’s super simple with the Crayola Crayon Maker. Just feed the crayon bits into the factory and watch as they melt and transform into cool, colorful figurines.  


The kit comes with three molds and eight full-sized crayons, no worries if you don’t have little bits of crayons yet, kids can start recycling crayons right out of the box. The figurines that come out of the maker are made of crayon wax, so kids can use them for either drawing or playing! 

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  1. Karen Evans says:

    What a great idea and being a mother and grandmother I have 2 giant bags of Crayola crayons . This is a great idea, Crayola Crayon Factory would as you said make some funky colours, maybe for the next generation. 😉 Thank You for your review! 🙂

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