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Digital Marketing Trends for Business Owners in 2021

As the experienced and professional digital marketing agency in Toronto, Gilmedia has been providing premium web design, online marketing and SEO services for clients from all industries. Gilmedia points out that there are 3 major ongoing trends for businesses to pay attention to when making marketing decisions.

It is widely accepted that people have been more and more reliant on the internet and IT services to make any purchases. From clothes, electronics to groceries, people can buy anything with a simple click.

As a result, digital marketing has become an inevitable part of marketing strategies for any business. To compete for consumers’ attention, digital marketers must stay on top of the latest trends.

#1 Quality content and organic search work well

As we live in a fast-paced society, audiences have adopted the habit of using ad blockers to shield anything they don’t want to look at. As a result, the effectiveness of traditional advertising has been diminished. In the meantime, people take more time searching for services, reading reviews and even making decisions based on social media content.

People tend to trust a brand that has good content, nice website design and great reviews. If they can find your services on the first page of Google, they are more likely to try your service.

#2 Local SEO is the key for small businesses

For small businesses, local SEO works better than broad SEO. For example, you should choose a local SEO agency if you want to advertise your windows and doors business to Aurora customers. It is always recommended to use Google My Business to set up your business profile so that consumers can find you based on the location and distance.

Meanwhile, setting up a GMB account is only the first step as you have millions of competitors. You will need to optimize the information on your account. For example, if you run an appliance repair company in Vancouver, you can invite your customers to leave reviews to boost your credibility as well as upload geotagged photos to the gallery to help Vancouver customers to find you.

#3 Voice search, Image search and video search

People have been spoiled by the development of technology. Typing is not the only method they use to find a product or service on Google. They can talk to Alexa at home to buy something from Amazon. They will search a DIY flooring installation tutorial on Youtube as well as search for a specific handbag image on Google. All in all, marketers have to spend more time optimizing the SEO for all of them.

While digital marketing is trackable, it requires long term effort to keep a business ranking well on Google or on any other platforms. You can always consult with an expert like Gilmedia to seek professional advice as early as you can.

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