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ElleBox is your customized selection of pads and tampons and some other stuff that you definitely need. Choose your favourite ElleBox, pick your preferences and they’ll make sure it arrives every month, when you need it most.

Your subscription will renew monthly, but don’t worry, you can cancel or skip a month at any time. Take something off your to-do list, avoid that late night run to the drug store and let ElleBox help you make your period a little simpler!

You have two boxes to choose from:

Necessities Box 10.00$ (Shipping 3.00$)

The necessities to make sure you’re all covered; organic tampons and/or pads.

Comfort Box 35.00$ (Shipping 10.00$)

Your choice of organic tampons and/or pads, chocolate and tea, and also 2 self care gifts for you!

The average women uses 12,000 tampons in her lifetime. This means she spends up to 80,000 hours with a tampon inside her. With vaginal tissue being the most absorbent part of the body and having a direct link to your reproductive organs, the last thing we want is bleach, dioxin and other chemicals in our blood stream every month.

ElleBox is here to offer 100% transparency. Their pads and tampons are free of rayon, polyester, wood pulp and pesticides. Their products are made from certified organic cotton that is better for your health and the environment. They exist so you can have control over your body; no BS, no hidden ingredients. Be kind to your body, be kind to the planet, and have a conscious period.

I’m not a big fan of fruit flavored chocolate. I was really disappointed when I saw the chocolate bar was raspberry flavored especially since it was a truffle (my absolute favorite) but I gave it a go anyways.

I opened the wrapper to find actual little piggies on the bar. This made me giggle. I didn’t want to eat them, but alas I had no choice. 

It did not taste like bacon! LOL. But instead, heavenly bliss. The tiniest hint of raspberry just enough to let me know it was there but not too much to cause me disgust. This is an absolute winner in my book!

Pink House was born in 2013 by Tracy Olesen and her sister Karen Sjoberg.

Karen was diagnosed with breast cancer, and in the time of her recovery, she was filled with horror at the chemicals in the products she was using daily. This began a long and painful struggle to find all natural products in brands she once used to trust. Tracy was determined to help Karen find organic products, and in their disappointing search, they realized they may as well make them themselves.

I did not like their face wash, but I was incredibly impressed with their pit potion. This is the first natural deodorant that has completely covered my stink. I am truly amazed.

Little side note, my pit potion was kept in a house with central air and it still became “mush”. Meaning, I can’t apply it as a deodorant stick, I have to grab some on a finger and rub it on my arm pit. The other option being, you could put it in the fridge but that would be darn cold on early mornings!

This is perfect, you have fresh pads/tampons that ElleBox just delivered, you put on your jammies and you sip your cup of tea while binge watching your favorite show on TV. You’re pretty much set until aunt flow decides it’s time to go.

If you’d like to learn more about ElleBox head over to their Website  | Facebook  | Instagram  | Twitter

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    I love how there are so many different boxes we can subscribe to! I think ElleBox is something my sister would like and that chocolate looks so cute.

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