Fashion Items We Need To See More Often



Fashion is like beauty, it’s in the eyes of the beholder. But we can all agree that we like to see some fashionable items, because we may never wear them. We need people to wear a jewelled handbag because we wouldn’t. We need people to wear red heels because we wouldn’t dare. Not to mention we need to see people wearing long trench coats because we just don’t have the body type. There are fashion items that truly need to be supported and worn in celebration, more often and in more places. Here are some that we think you would agree with.


Facial piercings

When was the last time you saw a nose ring? Maybe if you live in an urban location like London or New York. But, if you live in a town or in the rural parts, we hardly ever see creatives walking around with some funky piercings. If you would like to know what kind of nose rings you can try on, here is where you can find the perfect septum rings. Some of them are made in gold, some in silver and some of them are made in titanium. It’s one of the most notable and obvious piercings for the face and it’s a little daring.


Tassel boots

You’ve seen tassel jackets, most likely in the wild west films you saw growing up. But what about tassel boots? These are boots that you see a little more often in the country and rural areas. Small towns and cities with a more country feel will have these kinds of boots because there’s a little bit of a cowgirl vibe. Of course, they come in beige, usually suede and they can incorporate some metal pieces for the lace holes. You can wear these with lighter denim so there’s continuity in the color tone of your outfit.




Trench coats

We have to start supporting trench coats again. They were so popular once upon a time, as you saw them in every 90s love story movie you can think of. Trench coats are obviously taken from men’s fashion, but for women, they don’t have to be made out of cotton or wool. You have lighter material options that allow the trench coat to be worn in late spring or throughout autumn. Not to mention the number of expressive colors women have, such as red, yellow, baby blue and even pink.


Sun hats

These are large and bold, and a little annoying for those who have to put up with it. But, worn in the right environment, the right time and the right occasion, sun hats are a great way to complete any outfit. Pair them with a bright dress of some kind and you have a great package.


What other fashion items would you like to see more of? Even if you wouldn’t wear any of these, they bring a variety of fashion to our society and that can only be a good thing.


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