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Feel Fabulous this Mother’s Day with MelodySusie + Giveaway

Melody and Susie were two young and passionate nail art professionals/cosmetologists living in San Francisco, California. After seeing many working women struggling to balance work, family and self-care at their salon, they decided to start a new career. In 2009, Melody and Susie founded MelodySusie, a beauty brand with salon quality products for customers to use at home that were still very affordable.

Through their hard work, the company has now grown into a professional beauty product supplier with multiple product lines. They offer products like nail lamps and gels, fashion wigs, skin care products and so on.

Today, Melody, Susie and everyone at MelodySusie are still dedicated to technological innovation to create more professional and reliable home-beauty products. The MelodySusie team will continue to strive towards its mission: helping women to pursue beauty and personal growth and, most importantly, to pursue the balance in life.

MelodySusie Portable 6W LED Nail Dryer

  • Quick Drying: This lightweight dryer has 6W power but can still shorten your curing time by 50% more than other UV dryers. It keeps its cool without a fan, making your nail curing quick and quiet.
  • Easy to use: This lamp has a one-button design with a built-in timer. Press the button once for 60 seconds and twice for 45 seconds. This setup is easy to use for even the most novel manicurist.
  • Portable: It’s miniature design is compact, ergonomic, and lightweight. It’s the perfect pocket nail lamp for school, office, home use, and travel.
  • Gift Idea: It’s super cute black design with a heart-shaped button makes a perfect gift for friends and family.

How to Use the Nail Lamps

1. Apply your gel polish according to its usage instructions.

2. Use the appropriate auto-timed setting (per your gel polish’s requirements), or simply insert your hand/foot and the lamp will automatically activate.

3. As our nail lamp features a smart motion sensor, avoid removing your hand until curing is complete.

4. Please note that curing requirements vary based on gel polish brand. Ensure that your polish is compatible before purchase.

5. If gel polish is a bit tacky after drying, wipe your nails with a gentle cleanser. Enjoy beautiful, long-lasting gel color!

MelodySusie monet’s palette gel polish

      • New nail gel line from Melodysusie — six bright, bold gel colors that drawn from that which Monet himself treasured above all else: nature.
      • Safe — non-toxic, minimal smell, non-damaging to nails.
      • Convenient — fully cures under an LED lamp in 1 minute or a UV lamp in 2 minutes.
      • Long-lasting and easy to use – 15+ days of high-performance use without peeling or cracking for each application. Only needs one coat and soaks off completely in only 10 – 15 minutes. A complete application/removal guide is included with each set.

MelodySusie monet’s palette gel polish:

MelodySusie Monet’s pallet 1-step nail gel is a gel polish collection inspired by the brilliant Impressionist works of Claude Monet. Six bright, bold colors drawn from that which Monet himself treasured above all else: nature. Featuring Greenery, poised to be the hottest color of 2017, Monet’s Pallet is a unique blend of classic and chic that will make your nails into works of art. No additional base/top coats needed. When used with an LED or UV nail drying lamp, you can achieve salon-quality manicures that last for weeks, not days.


– Crystal-clear skies and crisp dew are the essence of Matin. As calm as a sunlit field of morning glory, as refreshing as a summer breeze.


– lush and verdant, greenery is 2017’s color of the year for good reason. It’s not only beautiful, but meaningful; reminding us all of our responsibility to the planet we all share.


– conjuring images of frolicking sprites and sirens, Nymph is a playful, coquettish pink designed to bring out your inner enchantress.


– the greek goddess of the rainbow was known as Iris, and her tenacity and charm are both reflected in the color that bears her name.


– brown has never been as bright as Pinecone. It’s a gorgeous, conifer brown with hues of fresh spruce and hemlock cones.


– a rich red that is tender yet full, poppy is unique enough to stake out its own place in your collection of reds

MelodySusie 7x Magnifying LED Lighted Makeup Mirror

Your morning routine sets the tone for your entire day. You pay attention to your dress, your hair, and your makeup so that you can face the world with confidence. But traditional home mirrors and lighting fixtures don’t always give you an accurate picture of your look, especially when it comes to color. Light temperature has a huge impact on color, and the wrong one can make what you see in the mirror entirely different than what other people see after you leave the house.

The MelodySusie Magnifying Vanity Mirror gives you an accurate, highly detailed reflection with 7x magnification for precise tweezing, blackhead removal, and other tough tasks. It’s also stocked with 15 adjustable LEDs with a shadow-less “natural daylight” color temperature, often considered the ideal lighting for makeup application.

When it comes to your beauty routine, any old mirror will do. But any old mirror won’t do it like this. 7x magnification gives you a super detailed reflection of your skin, down to every pore and hair. At the same time, the LED lighting ring, calibrated for a daylight color temperature displays color and texture as accurately as possible.

Most traditional home lights, especially overhead lights, create excessive shadows and alter the way we see colors, meaning the perfect makeup look you create at home might appear totally different once you step outside. Better to see what you really look like BEFORE you leave the house!

•7X Manification: Powerful 7X magnification allows you to focus on specific sections of your face – ideal for makeup application, precise tweezing, blackhead removing or other beauty care.

• Dimmable Circular LED Light: 15 built-in LED lights create a circular, controllable, natural daylight for flawless beauty routines.

• 360° Adjustable Angles: 360° rotatable head can easily move and is fully adjustable to any desired angle or position.

• Easy Installation: Strong, Easy-Lock suction cup allows you to securely attach this mirror on any clean, flat surface.

• Double Power Supply: Operated by 4 pcs AAA batteries (not included) or USB cord (included). Please note the mirror is not rechargeable.

MelodySusie Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer

Why you need a makeup brush cleaner

Why Should You Clean Your Makeup Brushes Regularly? Your Brushes Should Be Cleaned A Few Times Each Month. Having A Clean Brush Ensures That You Are Removing Oil, Dirt, Bacteria And Any Unwanted Residue. It Really Is A Lot Easier Than You Might Think To Clean Your Makeup Brushes. With the help of the MelodySusie Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer you can go from dirty to clean in under 30 seconds.

  • Save Time: Clean and dry your makeup brushes in a matter of seconds with this electronic makeup brush cleaner.
  • Protect Your Skin: Used makeup brushes can be havens for bacteria, germs, dirt, and dead skin cells; regular cleaning can help to protect your skin from allergies and infections.
  • Easy to Use: Simply put soap and water into the bowl, then dip brush in water and spin to clean, and finally spin-dry. Flexible brush collars in 8 sizes to suit most common brushes. Uses 2xAAA batteries.
  • High-Quality: Made of food grade, waterproof, and abrasion resistant materials. Cleaning bowl is made of eco-friendly plastic and is odorless, non-toxic, and more durable than glass.

Simply follow the quick, easy steps below to take your brushes from funky to fabulous in seconds:

1. Put some water and makeup cleaning soap into the bowl.

2. Choose a brush collar; insert your brush into the collar.

3. Insert the spindle into the handle.

4. Insert the spindle into the collar.

5. Dunk the brush into the soapy water and turn on the spinner.

6. Remove the water and spin dry.

7. Repeat if needed until brush is clean.

That’s it! A few easy steps and you’re on your way to cleaner, safer, and better-performing makeup brushes. Don’t wait, get yours today.

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One lucky Canadian Mom Reviews reader will win the MelodySusie 7x Magnifying LED Lighted Makeup Mirror featured in this post. (PLEASE NOTE: prize comes as a 99% OFF AMAZON COUPON CODE)

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