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Feline Cafe Ottawa

Photo credit: Lia Walsh

Meet Josée Cyr, Ottawa resident who studied commerce at Laurentian University. Cyr said she had heard of the cat café craze that was sweeping through Asia and parts of Europe but didn’t really think much of it until she found herself to be unhappy with the job she had. Looking for options Josée set out to find a job that combined her passions of business, food and animals…

Thanks to the generous cat people who contributed to her Kickstarter campaign, Feline Cafe Ottawa located at 1076 Wellington St. W. is now a reality.

Photo credit: Feline Café

With a quaint little coffee shop on one side, and a “feline area” filled with cats from the Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue on the other side; Visitors can play, pet and even adopt any of the Feline Café’s furry occupants.

The 2,500-square-foot café is serving up a local selection of coffee, tea, baked goods, sandwiches and salads.

Only food and drink purchases made inside the café are allowed in the feline area. If you don’t feel like buying a beverage but still want to play with the cats, owner Josée Cyr encourages a small donation for admission.

The separate “feline area” has approximately eight to ten roaming felines. The feline area is decorated with custom shelving. Owner Josée worked with a local business called re4m who takes commercial waste and turns it into fixtures for businesses.

Cyr, who adopted one of her own cats from the Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue knew she would like to work with them and structure it so that the café is a foster home for the cats while they are still under the care of the rescue. Their goal is to find their feline residents their loving forever home. So, if you fall in love with a kitty during your visit, you can submit an adoption application.

The Feline Café is not only helping cats, but humans also! Did you know that interacting with cats and the soothing sound of them purring have some amazing health benefits?! Research has shown that it helps relieve symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress and more. 

The Feline Café is also a welcoming place for those who cannot adopt. Sometimes housing situations, travel or allergies can prevent animal lovers from adopting their own cat.


The Feline Café is always in need of monetary donations for litter and cat food but they will also accept any used items that can be properly sanitized. Therefore, the next time you’re heading to the Café try to remember to bring any unused or unwanted items your cat might have.

Such a great experience. It was hard to say goodbye, as much to the kittens as to the staff and the amazing owner! I will definitely be back soon for some more cuddles and delicious snacks.

If you’s like to learn more about The Feline Café check out their Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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