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Fresh 4 Life Odor Destroyer Cat Litter



999876_546807152043378_142908737_n Meeloo is about 12 years old and  she is a picky kitty. We usually try to stick to litter that we know she doesn’t mind. If we use new litter most of the times she refuses to use it so when I received Fresh 4 Life Odor Destroyer litter I was a little bit worried that Meeloo wouldn’t want to use it.

Just a week ago after I had cleaned out her litter box I put in the new litter in then I went upstairs to get my camera so I can take photos and surprisingly enough she went in her litter box and did her duties right away.


I do clean her litter box every day because little miss Meeloo will not use the litter box if it isn’t cleaned every day, but I didn’t notice an odour. I do have a sensitive nose so I would have notice any odours right away.

Odor Destroyer


Product Information:

Fresh 4 Life Odor Destroyer

• Our most effective odour control litter

• Superior odour control lasting 10+ days

•  99% dust free

• Hard clumping for easy clean up


Virtually dust free! While pouring the litter in the litter box, I wasn’t overwhelmed with a big puff of dust in the face like most litters.

Fresh 4 Life Odor Destroyer comes in two sizes –  18lb bag which is $9.99 and the 40lb bag which is $16.99.  If you ask me, these are very decent prices for a good quality cat litter.


I did a water test in her litter box and as you can see from the photo below, the hard clumping makes it super easy to clean up. It didn’t even break apart at all like some other brands I have bought for Meeloo in the past.


After using it for a week, I think both Meeloo and I are happy with Fresh 4 Life Odour Destroyer.

Pick up a bag of Fresh 4 Life Odour Destroyer and try it yourself. You won’t be disappointed!

Fresh 4 Life Odour Destroyer is available at Pet Valu stores in Canada and the US.



Reviewed by: Chantale from Geeky Girl Reviews

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  1. Michelle says:

    I was curious about if this has low tracking compared to others? I have been looking for a cat litter with lower tracking. Right now I use Tidy Cats and I have to sweep several times a day in my apartment.

  2. Meg says:

    I’ve been using it now for several months and agree with everything Chantale said in her review – I’ll never buy any other brand now. The dust-free element is an absolute boon as other litters create great clouds of dust which can’t be good for people. to breathe in.
    As for tracking – it doesn’t. A few little bits right near the litter box but it certainly doesn’t get all over the place! I made a pretty mat out of cotton pieces that match the room I keep the litter box in – about three times the size of the litter boxso there’s a good margin of material all round and I just lift the box off, put it aside temporarily, fold the mat in on itself and shake the few bits that have fallen outside the box, back into it. Works a treat!

  3. Linda Kulferst says:

    I tried this because my regular brand was not in stock. NEVER again. It does not clump, it does not control odour and the pee sticks to the bottom of the litter box.

  4. Lidia Groulx says:

    ??I’m not happy with this litter now. I started using it a year ago because it was recommended and advertises 99% dust free. The last 3 bags I used have produced a lot of dust- enough of a change that my cat has started sneezing again and the shelves above the litter box are covered in dust again and it happens very quickly . I notice the dust billowing now when I scoop- it didn’t do that when I first used this brand. I took a picture, but can’t seem to add it to my review. It’s time to find another brand that isn’t so dusty

    1. Becky says:

      please see the following I recently read:
      Clay litters use Bentonite. It is even on the label.
      Cats inhale fine sodium bentonite particles when they dig in the litter. Once inhaled, the clay expands when it hits their lungs, causing asthma and other lung problems. Cats can also ingest the clay while cleaning their paws and there are some studies that is can cause unrinary problems in cats. Just because something says natural, does not automatically mean it’s healthy and harmless for your pet (or you).

      I just threw out all my clumping litter and dusted the whole basement as dust all over things. I have a cat with asthma, she is better in the summer when she goes outside to urinate but worse in winter when she uses the clay litter. There is so much information on the internet about this natural chemical and I am going to bring it up with my vet. I am just using non clumping litter like pine and paper from now on. More work for me but better for my cats ?

      As you said it is NOT DUST FREE

      1. Lidia Groulx says:

        Thanks for the information .
        I hope someone shares the name of a good litter brand- unscented, clumping, LOW dust. It’s pricey and hard on my cats trying out different brands.

        1. Nina says:

          Hi dr Elseys is my favourite low dust clumping litter. I trusted as it is designed by a veterinarian.

  5. Irmgard Upmanis says:

    I bought this brand on the recommendation of my daughter, who uses it for her cat. Yes, it clumps. Yes, it is low odor and low tracking. On the down side, cleaning the litter box is like scooping wet cement and it weighs a ton! I am putting out twice as much compostable garbage because of this. On today’s clean up, I actually injured my back while putting the full bag out in the trash. I am going back to using Feline Fresh. So what if I have to vacuum more?

  6. marilynne says:

    Fresh 4 Life Odor destroyer was a great litter. Molly used it faithfully. It seems that the product has been changed. The grains are finer and as a result there is more dust. Molly will not use the litter anymore. I will no longer use or recommend this product unless the company goes back to the original formula.

  7. Lee Jean-Louis says:

    I am still not sure about this cat litter, and am wondering why the bag is not recyclable.

  8. Lee Jean-Louis says:

    Shouldn’t it be made of recycled paper as well?

  9. Wendy Campbell says:

    I agree with the posters from 2019. I’ve been using Fresh 4 Life for the past 4 yrs. Within the last year or so it’s become horrible litter! No odour control and crazy dusty! Won’t be wasting my $$ on it again! The quality changed when the packaging changed, as well as they now make litter which costs $40! No thanks!

  10. Joyce Cuyler says:

    I agree with some of the above posts. I’m finding it has become dustier. But my cats like it and I find it easy to clean. I add walnut litter to it and it makes it even lighter. Today we found out that Pet Valu won’t be carrying the brand in the gold and black bag. We tried a different bag of fresh fir life. Disgusting, coarse and heavy! This is not good for a multi cat household! Beyond disappointed. Pet Valu is changing things too much. Not good to the customers!

  11. Terri Hyatt says:

    I’ve been getting this litter at Pet Valu since it came out but the last time I bought it, I thought that they had put clay into the bag instead of the clumping stuff,, The texture was not the same, the clumping was mushy and stuck horribly to the litter box and STANK when it got wet! When I went back to the store, the owner told me that the company had changed the formula but if I liked the “old style”, I could get a bag is $2 more! WHAT A SCAM Pet Valu, you just lost a customer – I go to Global Pet Foods now for my litter and food (farther away, but at least they are honest about their products).

  12. Trevor Larose says:

    This litter is almost perfect but, as it is ultra-light, tracking is an issue. We utilize carpet runners to limit tracking. Heavy litters definitely track less but we like all the features of this brand so much (including how light it is) and our cats like it as well.

  13. Trevor Larose says:

    Not sure about all the ngative comment, our latest bags have newer packaging (plastic which we recycle) and the product is just as good as it always was. I did notice that the brand offers a variety of different types now so it may be that the people complaining grabbed on of the variants. The new bags of the stuff I’m refering to show a grey tabby cat in a background of green grass and are lableled Fresh4Life with either Eco-grass Clumping Cat Litter or Eco-Clump Natural Grass Clumping Cat Litter.

    Price point; unlike cheap litter this type lasts and we pretty much never change it (we clean it and add) so given that I would say it ultimately costs no more than cheap litter in the long run.
    Weight of soiled litter; not sure if the laws of physics for the complainant on this is different where they live but the weigth of soiled litter is simply a factor of the litter weight plus the weight of the urine/feces so I don’t have any idea why they are complaining about this.
    Clumping; the type we use as described clumps very well although it does take 15 min or so for full bonding to happen. So i you were to scoop very fresh urine right away the litter clumping would not be fully effective. This is a user issue rather than a product issue.

    I would post pictures of the new bag if I could, anyway I’m betting most of the complaints are about the variants as we had a hard time finding the original product when they changed the bags and offered different varieties.

  14. Sandra Taylor says:

    This litter is the worst I have ever tried. It does weigh a ton – wet or dry and is horrible to try to clean from the box – sticks like glue. I use mats around the box and it still tracks litter as well as leaves sticky footprints across the floor. My cat now has a urinary infection since I began using it – likely as it is so hard to clean the box properly.

  15. Ruth Boyle says:

    What is going on with this cat litter all of a sudden?? I was a fan of it for quite some time. I live in a condo and this litter was high clumping, low traction and very low (barely noticeable) dust. The last bag I bought a week ago is the exact opposite – and where did all of this dust come from?!? All I can smell in my condo is clay. The litter box enclosures (I have 2, 1 per cat) are covered in dust; each time I scoop out the waste, there’s are clouds of dust left in the air and my cats are totally stressed! They furiously groom themselves after using the litter box, which at first I couldn’t figure out because they literally just had their check ups at the vet and got a perfect bill of health, but now I know it’s because of the litter. I think if you’re going to change the ingredients, there’s no harm in letting people know! Shame on you Fresh 4 Life. You’ve lost a devoted customer.

  16. Julie Speares says:

    I’ve been using this for the past 6 months or so. At first I loved it and I had zero odour in my place, but the last two bags I bought have been awful. Even if it’s brand new fresh litter, as soon as the cat does his business, it smells and lingers. I see I’m not the only one with this issue! Did they change the formula? It’s really disappointing as it was a great price and a great product. I guess my search begins again!

  17. Charlotte Lewall says:

    I am …or rather, my cat is…relatively new to this product. For several years she has been using a wheat based litter which did not clump very well. As she ages her kidneys are not as efficient and it was hard to keep track of how much urine she was producing so a random switch was made, hence the ‘Fresh4Life’ She was not bothered by the change and the hacking dry cough that has plagued her for several years has disappeared (the result of wheat husks?). I read complaints about the ‘muddy clay clean up’ and I have noticed that this can be an issue if the depth of litter is a little low, otherwise, I have had no problem dealing with the ‘necessities’. It should also be said that changes in how the litter deals with the moisture CAN be result of changes in the urine itself, indicating bladder infections and other urinary tract miseries. If those can be eliminated, then whining at the product is justified. However, it works for my feline and the odor is controlled…so no complaints from either party.

  18. Judy says:

    I have been a fan of Fresh 4 Life litter for many reasons, but mostly because it was low dust. They had to have changed the formula because the dust from a new bag is crazy!!

  19. Have been using “ODOR DESTROYER” in the black bag for years with no major issues. Clean it everyday and make sure that you have min.3″ of litter in the box, especially in areas where kittie pees. That way it won’t even touch the bottom of the box.

  20. Niagara art girl says:

    My cat started having urinary tract infection and now a bowel obstruction within a month of using this cat litter. He’s never had a problem before in his 5 years. Tomorrow he needs to spend the day at the vet, get sedated and the vet will see what the issue is this time. I am hoping no surgery is necessary. Seriously ! I am wondering what additives are in this as I was using Dr Elseys before and never ever had a problem.

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