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Getting Your Kids Out The Door In Morning – Fast!

Remember when you only had yourself to get ready in the morning? Ah yes, those were the days when you could get ready, grab a slice of toast and be at work early enough to make a nice strong coffee to get you through till lunchtime. Of course, as any mom knows when you throw kids into the mix, getting out of the door can feel like a major military operation. Fortunately, there are some actions you can take to streamline the process and make it as fast as possible. Keep reading to find out what they are.

Create a routine

First off, remember that even from a pretty young age, kids can do certain things for themselves each morning. For example, by the time that they are five, they can serve themselves cereal and milk, and by ten they can make their own bed.

The great thing is that every task your child does independently means, one less on your to-do list to complete before you leave the house. To that end, creating a simple, and easy-to-stick-to schedule for the morning, where each child knows what is expected of them is a great way to get out the door faster.

Make your mornings as easy as possible

Contrary to popular belief, no one is watching you and scoring you on your mom skills or how much effort you put into your day. Although, sometimes as mothers, we can get caught up in the idea of being perfect to the detriment of our families and our own well being.

With that in mind, anything you can do to make your mornings easier will help whether that is feeding the kids cereal bars in the car, rather than having a sit-down breakfast, or agreeing to work through lunch, so you have some grace in the morning.

You may even wish to invest in some gadgets to make your morning run more smoothly. One to consider is something like this merlin garage door opener which will save you vital seconds and hassle as it means you can click the button and go and don’t have to get out of the car and do it manually, once you have everyone settled. A coffee machine that you can leave to do its job while you do something else is also a pretty smart idea!

Have a hall system

Hallways can very quickly become dumping grounds and bottlenecks for the rest of the home, which isn’t much good when you are trying to get everything together to get out of the house each morning. With that in mind creating a physical organization system in your entryway can help save time and effort. 

It’s not hard to create such a system either, and you will find plenty of inspiration online. Just be sure to provide a peg for each child to hang their coat on—a storage box for shoes and other items like book bags and PE kits. You can even add a wall hanging file to each spot for essential letters and school documents, which means you won’t have to turn the house upside down to find them each morning.

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