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Give Funrise Toys this Holiday Season

We absolutely love toys that encourage play time and imaginative play. Funrise Toys are engaging, exciting and just all around fun! 

Below are a few of our favourites this year. 


Tonka Tiny’s Rescue Response Station Playset

Take your Tonka Tinys on an epic adventure through the Rescue Response Station Playset! This ultimate playset features 3 levels of Tonka Tinys fun. Launch your vehicles over the flames, through the cinder block wall, and down the main gravity ramp! Store up to 8 Tinys vehicles on level one. The Rescue Response Station Playset includes 3 exclusive Tinys vehicles and is compatible with every vehicle in the line. All Tonka Tinys playsets can be connected to expand your Tonka Tinys world!

This Tonka Tinys Playset is perfect for little hands. They may be tiny, but they are full of fun!  

Price: $39.99 | Availability: Toys “R” Us and Walmart Canada | Age: 5+ years


Luna Petunia

Luna Petunia is a fantastical new Netflix original series inspired by the curiosity, surprise and wonder of Cirque du Soleil.

Luna Petunia is set in the whimsical and fantastical world of Amazia, where Luna and her friends empower preschoolers to use their creative potential. They overcome challenges together and make the impossible possible!


Luna Petunia Amazia Garden Playset 

Luna Petunia, Luna Petunia, how does your garden grow? Amazia is full of incredible and beautiful places, but no place is as pretty as Luna’s garden. This playset includes an exclusive 3.5” garden themed Luna figure, colourful plants, the magical fun mirror cave and more. Press a button to see the flower magically grow or walk Luna and her
friends down the crystal-studded path!

Price: $19.99 



Luna Petunia Fabulosa Cafe Playset

It’s time for lunch at the Fabulosa Café, and Luna’s ready to serve you the finest dishes in the world! Put food into the launcher and send it flying across the café, just like in Amazia. This playset includes an exclusive 3.5” Chef Luna figure, a table, chairs, cabinet, oven, flying food machine and more.

Price: $19.99 



Luna & Friends Collectible Figures (5pack)

Everyone’s here and ready for exciting adventures together in Amazia! This 5-pack set includes adorably sculpted and articulated 3.5” figures of Luna Petunia, Bibi Bubbles, Karoo, Sammy Stretch and the exclusive Fellino, the Acrocat! With all of her friends by her side, Luna’s ready for anything.
Price: $14.99 


The Luna Petunia sets are available at Toys “R” Us Canada. 


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    These are great last minute gifts, I know my grandson and granddaughter would be thrilled to receive these!!

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