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Happy birthday to you! 4 birthday party ideas for your 5 year old boy

Five years old already? Where has the time gone? It seems like only yesterday you were bringing home your little bundle of joy and now you’re the mother to happy, smiley five year old. But don’t be reminiscing for too long – you’ve got a birthday party to organise!

It’s not always easy organising a children’s birthday party; mainly because there’s so much to think about it’s incredibly easy to feel overwhelmed. From the venue to the food, the guest list, invitations and of course the gifts – if you’re in need of a little gift inspiration, check out Wicked Uncle’s toys for a 5 year old boy by clicking the link – it’s a good job it only happens once a year!

Looking for gifts for a younger child? Check out these cool toys for 1 year old boys!

If you’re struggling for birthday party ideas for your 5 year old then don’t worry. Check out my 4 personal favourites.

A wheelie-good time!

If you have a good sized outdoor space then this idea will be right up your street! Get everyone on the guest list to bring their own bikes, scooters and trikes and you can create a track for them around the garden/yard to drive along. You could set up obstacles for riders to drive around, or even create a city scape with painted boxes and mini cones. You can be as creative as you like – just make sure everyone brings a helmet and encourage the children to be safe!

Young at Art!

This idea could be done indoors, but you might need to take precautions as far as your furniture and floors are concerned…provide lots of arts and crafts materials, including canvases or old boxes, letters of the names of your guests etc and get them decorating! Whether they use poster paints, glitter or stickers, they can take their completed pieces home with them as part of their party bag haul. Just remember to mention the theme on the invitation so the kids can be dressed accordingly. 

A party that’s out of this world

If you have a budding space explorer at home then why not turn up the creativity a notch with a super cool Space party? Whether the birthday boy is into astronauts or aliens, there are plenty of simple ways you can decorate the venue and incorporate all things space and alien into the day. How about an alien slime making station, pin the Sun in the Solar System or a space shuttle ring toss? The possibilities are endless! 

Bug out!

For some kids – creepy crawly fun is the best fun there is! Although it’s not everyone’s cup of tea so you might need to think about who’s on the guest list. You could decorate the venue accordingly with lots of insect themed food and treats on the tables – you could even hire a creepy crawly experience, where professional handlers bring a selection of creepy crawlies to the party and the guests can take it in turns to handle them. It’s fun, memorable and educational too! Don’t forget the creepy caterpillar cake! 


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