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House-Hunting Mistakes You Will Want to Avoid

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Buying a home is an expensive business but it is also a very emotional process so it’s really easy to get carried away and end up making mistakes that will cost you dearly either financially or emotionally.


If you want to avoid that happening, here are some of the most common house-hunting mistakes you will want to avoid:


Choosing a bad realtor


One of the worst mistakes you can make right off the bat is choosing the wrong realtor. A good realtor, like Serge Papineau, for example, will know the neighbourhood inside out, which means they will be able to listen to your wants and needs and pinpoint the properties that are most likely to work for you. They will also treat you fairly and kindly throughout. Bad ones will be all about the profit and they may steer you in completely the wrong direction for you.


Not setting a firm budget


Before you go house-hunting, it really is very important that you sit down and really look at how much you can afford to spend. This will save you from the heartache of falling in love with a house that is outside of your budget and help to focus your mind on the areas you can afford so that you don’t waste time or energy pursuing an unattainable dream.


Not getting your mortgage pre-approved


Getting your mortgage pre-approved is a really sensible way of ensuring that you do not end up disappointed or, again, pursuing properties you can’t afford because what you think you can afford to spend on a house and the amount the banks are willing to lend you do not always match up, unfortunately. Save yourself the grief and get pre-approved.


Not having vision


Having vision opens up the world of house-hunting for you because you can look past the home’s peeling wallpaper that is not to your taste and the overgrown garden that looks more like a jungle than a relaxing outdoor space and you can see the inherent potential in any property you view. Most properties will not be a perfect fit in every way for you, but if you have the vision to see what you could do to make theme perfect, you are far more likely to find the right property and make it your own than if you simply take everything on face value.


Overlooking too much


Conversely, it would be a mistake to overlook all of the floors in a property. Some issues are way more serious than others, such as cracks in the foundations or the presence of damp, simply because they can affect the structural integrity of the building, and could cost you a lot of money to put right, So, when it comes to cosmetic stuff, being able to have vision is a good thing, but don’t extend that to glossing over the glaring issues that could cause you a real problem


If you can avoid these mistakes, chances are you will make the right decision and secure the perfect home for your family.

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