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How I Ruined My Hair

Hi Everyone! I thought I’d write you a personal blog post today talking about how I ruined my hair.   

I’ve always been interested in dying my hair a ‘cool’ colour, as I’ve been blond my entire life.  I tried pink streaks a few years ago but they faded off in a few days, so I don’t really count that.  

A few months ago I decided I was going to take the plunge and dye my hair purple.  I went to the store and got a few box dyes that I saw my friends used, and got my boyfriend to put them in my hair for me.  I was in love with the color.

11356264_10155735370960595_871992525_nBefore Purple & Purple  

It faded super quick, so I found myself having to re-dye my hair every 3ish weeks, and that drove my frugal self crazy.  Because my hair is so long, I needed two boxes each time, and of course, the one kind I needed never went on sale.  I kept up my purple hair for about 3 or so months,  until I gave up.  It was just way too much upkeep, and the blonde roots were stood out so much against the purple! Also, for some reason, it once faded to a deep red/purple – which I totally loved but had no way to re-make it like that, because it was a fluke.


I went back to the store, and got myself a blonde box of hair dye and applied it once I got home.  It did nothing.  

Growing up with hair dressers and cosmetologists, you would think that I’d have known that dye doesn’t pull colour.  Meaning,  the blonde hair dye would have never taken the purple out of my hair.   So,  after a google search on how to get the purple out of my hair, I went to Sally’s Beauty Supply store to get some bleach and toner. 

Salon Care Developer & Kaleidocolors Violet 71a0-kZT-WL._SL1500_


I bleached my hair for the first time,  left it in for 10 minutes which was not long enough at all, so once I washed the bleach out my hair was faded purple but blotchy, and my blonde roots were now super blonde. 

I did it again.  And again.  Each time keeping the bleach in longer than the last.   I was updating friends on how the “removing purple from Brandy’s hair 2015” mission was going, and got a bunch of “your hair is going to fall off!” texts in return.   After the third time I bleached my hair, it still wasn’t my natural blonde colour, it was pale orange.  I was tempted to try it again, but I kept picturing my hair falling out and breaking off, so I left it.   

A week later, I was fed up of the orange and went to the store to buy some blonde hair dye, and I applied it.  Thankfully it neutralized the orange and I had a normal hair colour – even if it wasn’t my natural colour.  

At this point, my hair was dead.  I had frayed split ends, my hair was frizzy and it hurt to brush it.  I really did a number on my hair.   I got so upset with it one night, that I grabbed the end of my ponytail and went to cut it.  My boyfriend saw me and I told him what I was doing,  and then I suggested he cut an inch off, or I will, and for me to do it, my hair has to be pulled to the size which equaled uneven cutting.  So he did.  

10428015_10155525837845595_3033307572267916056_nDead hair.


Since then I have been trying hard to get my hair healthy again.  I’ve done a few coconut oil masks, a VO5 mask with the Hot Head Heat Cap,  and most recently I did a Argan Oil Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment that worked wonders on my hair! 

450 (1)

I can feel, and see a huge difference since I used this treatment, and I plan to continue using it once a week until my hair is 100%.  

After I used the Argan Oil treatment, I followed it up with a Tresemme deep conditioning treatment the next day, in lieu of my regular conditioner. So it was likely a mix of the two products that made my hair so much healthier than what it was!

10153616 (1)

I don’t have a photo of my new and healthy hair, but i’ll be sure to edit one in, when I take one.   

So, this is how I ruined my hair, and how i’m now on a journey to repair it.   Please, please don’t do what I did, and bleach your hair over and over again (in the same day especially)   

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  1. Lynda Cook says:

    I pretty much have done the same thing when I was younger, I have even dyed my hair twice in one day because I was not happy with it, now I just stick with going to the salon!!

  2. Stephanie LaPlante says:

    Besides you saying you ruined it, I think your hair is beautiful.

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