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How To Max Italian Citizenship Chances With The 1948 Rule

Italy opens the option of citizenship by descent for aspiring immigrants. It gives you a head start if you have ancestral roots in the country. There are good chances to qualify for the route, which is perhaps the easiest of them all. But don’t be too eager to celebrate if you wish to claim citizenship through a female ancestor. Your ancestor may not have passed on the right to you. However, you still have an alternative to claim citizenship by the 1948 Rule, which is a judicial process. You can visit to learn all about this rule. Further, you can follow some tips to maximize your chances to get Italian citizenship with this route.

Understand the eligibility norms

Claiming Italian citizenship by descent through your maternal line can get a bit complicated on the eligibility front. The year when your ascendant gave birth is the deciding factor. The Italian citizenship law did not permit women to bequeath their rights to their offspring born before 1948. If your ancestor gave birth to the next in line before the year, you do not qualify through the Jure Sanguinis process. But the Italian government later rectified the law and implemented the 1948 Rule for applicants with female bloodlines. It lets you apply through a court process. You must know the option that works for you to get the right start with your application.

Know how the process works

It is easy to believe that a judicial process will be long and daunting. The mindset may even make you apprehensive enough to give up on the idea of Italian dual citizenship even before starting. The truth is that the 1948 route is simpler than you imagine. You only have to gather the same documents as in the administrative process. Translations and legalization happen the same way for non-Italian documents. The only difference is that you file the application in an Italian court instead of the consulate. You may even end up getting a hearing date sooner than the appointment at the consulate.

Hire a 1948 specialist lawyer

Another measure that enhances the probability of getting through is hiring the right professional. Since you have to file a case in court and attend hearings, you need a lawyer to represent you. Ideally, you must hire a 1948 specialist because they have understanding and experience with such claims. You need not even travel to Italy for the proceedings as the lawyer will be there on your behalf. All you have to do is give them a Power of Attorney to represent you in court. They gather the documents, double-check the facts, and present a solid case at the hearing. They ensure you get a favorable verdict and claim citizenship within optimal timelines.

Following these tips can get you a step closer to Italian citizenship by descent with the 1948 Rule. You only need to ensure that you have your documents in place and the best lawyer representing you. There is hardly a reason to worry once you cover these fronts.

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