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Important Annual Health Checkups Everyone Should Get

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Nowadays, people are more health-conscious than ever before, with a heightened focus, especially on health conditions and the risk of falling ill. While modern medicine is more advanced and effective than ever, the key to ensuring your optimal health isn’t curing but rather preventative care.

A crucial part of preventative care is seeking out healthcare professionals on a regular basis, even when you feel perfectly fine. This will allow your health specialists to quickly spot any underlying conditions that may have otherwise gone unnoticed until they already began to affect your health.

But which healthcare professionals should you be checking in with, and how often should you see them? Read on to find out.

Spinal Health

According to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases, eight out of ten people will experience back pain during their lives. While many types of back pain are acute and will go after proper resting, chronic back pain can persist for weeks, months, or even years. 

Yet, despite the incredibly common nature of the condition and the risks of long-term affectedness, many people neglect their spinal health and let poor posture conditions go unchecked.

Seeking out the best chiropractor in Vancouver can help provide you with vital spinal screenings, and assess any misalignments of the spine, posture abnormalities, shifted discs, and other spinal conditions. It is recommended you see a chiropractor every 1-2 months for re-alignment.

Besides the physical assistance of chiropractic care, your specialist will also be able to provide you with an abundance of information about keeping your spinal health intact. This can include daily stretches and exercises, as well as tips to improve your daily ergonomic position. This information can be especially helpful to those working long hours sitting at a desk, where poor posture, craned necks, and more, can all cause spinal misalignment.

General Health Checkup

Seeing your general doctor should not just be saved for when you’re feeling sick. Regular health checkups can help prevent conditions before they happen or stop them in their tracks before they become a problem. Doctors recommend that you go for a regular health checkup every six months to a year, depending on your age and family medical history.

In general, a general health checkup will consist of an examination of the heart, blood pressure, BMI check, and blood testing. You will also be asked a variety of questions about your sleep, exercise, and eating habits. Depending on your needs and requests, further screening for things like cholesterol levels or full physical exams may take place during these checkups. For some men, an annual prostate exam may be recommended.

Skin Cancer Health

Skin cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer. It is estimated that in countries like the United States, one in five Americans will develop skin cancer. Checking for skin cancer can be done as part of your regular physical health but is often something people do not think to ask about unless they have a genuine pre-existing concern. 

It is recommended you check your skin at home on a monthly basis, especially during the summer months during extended sunlight exposure, and if you live in a particularly sunny environment. Keep an eye out for any new spots, moles, lesions, or any other signs that were not prevalent before.

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