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Important Home Maintenance That New Homeowners Should Expect To Do

Buying a house can be a very exciting time, but it will certainly be a very busy period in your life as well. That’s because there’s a lot that needs to be done throughout the whole purchasing process, and you will have to meet up with your conveyancing lawyers a few times throughout. Once the sale is complete, you will then have to spend a lot of time and energy planning your move. But just moving in doesn’t mean that all the hard work is over. Lots of people want to redecorate their new property, and there might also be a few maintenance jobs that the property survey flagged up. These will need doing to ensure that your home is in perfect condition before you start to get settled in. To help you get a little prepared for your move into the new house, here are some of the most common jobs that new homeowners end up doing when they move in.

Clean The House

One of the first jobs that many new homeowners do is clean the whole property before they move all of their furniture and belongings into it. There’s a good chance that the previous owners will have moved out without giving the property a thorough cleaning after them, and it could be very dusty. It could be especially dusty if it has been empty for a few months before you move in. So, it’s best to clean the whole property before you start moving in your own belongings. That way, you aren’t putting your furniture onto dirty floor and unpacking items onto dusty shelves.

Damp Proofing

If you move into an old house, there’s a good chance that it could have some issues with damp. If you had a property survey carried out on the house during the whole purchasing process, then there is a very good chance that this would have also shown up the damp as an issue and something that needs to be worked on. It’s important that you get the damp sorted out as soon as possible. Otherwise, it could spread and end up deeper in the walls. This could then cause structural issues. The best way to deal with any damp in the property is to get a specialist out to take a look at the room in question. They should be able to remove the current damp and damp-proof the whole room so that it never returns.

Replace Old Windows

If you move into an old or period property, it might still have its original windows and doors in place. These may really suit the property and look great, but they could be very drafty and won’t provide the house with much insulation at all. It could be a good idea to take a look at Renewal by Andersen windows and consider getting some replacement ones installed. You’ll be able to buy some modern ones made with effective contemporary materials, such as UPVC. Windows made from this material are extremely effective when it comes to providing a building with insulation. You won’t need to heat your house so much throughout the year, and they should also block out most noises that might come from outside the house, such as heavy traffic!


Not too keen on the style of decor that the previous owners have left behind? No problem! You can decorate your home in any way that you want! Ideally, you should try and do this before you move all of your stuff into the new house, but it doesn’t matter if things don’t work out that way. The only problem with decorating afterward is that you will need to move your furniture around while you decorate, which can be a pain in the neck. Redecorating can be hard work, but you can always take some of the stress off by hiring a local painter and decorator to take care of this for you.






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Get New Carpets Fitted

As part of redecorating your new home, you might want to change some of the carpets that are currently in it. This is something that needs to be done before you do move all of your furniture into the property. When you go to your nearest carpet shop, you should see if they also offer a fitting service. Not all of them do, and finding your own carpet fitter will just be one more job added to your already long list. So, it’s best to try and by your carpet from a shop that will fit it for you as well!

Check Out The Roof

The property survey that you had carried out on the house should have flagged any potential issues with the home’s roof. However, if it didn’t find any, it’s still worth giving it a quick check over yourself, as some issues could have easily been missed. If you don’t feel comfortable going up some ladders to take a look yourself, you could always call out a roofing professional to take a look for you and provide you with a quote for any work that needs doing.

Refit The Bathroom And Kitchen

If the house you have bought has a slightly dated kitchen or bathroom, you might not want to waste any time in updating these. These are two of possibly the most important rooms in your whole home, and they will be a lot more practical if you add some modern fixtures and fittings. Not only that, though, but it gives you the chance to bring the interiors up to date to make them a bit more stylish.

Install Energy Efficient Features

If there are no energy efficient features in the house, it’s worth installing some so that you can reduce your monthly utility bills and do your bit to help save the planet. For instance, you might want to add a smart thermostat and improve the property’s insulation. It could also be worth getting some solar panels fitted as well. Looks like you might be busy with these jobs once you move in!

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