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Why I Left Direct Sales

I’ve been debating writing this post forever,  but I’ve been asked a lot lately what is going on, and it’s only fair that I explain to my loyal ex-customers and friends.   


When I was 16 I joined Scentsy under my Mom’s name.  Bad, I know.   I did quite well with them, selling to friends and family.  I had no idea what it meant to grow my team, so once the fad faded, so did my business.   At one point I made over $800.00 for a few months in a row.

Then, it was Steeped Tea.  That was a total disaster because once again, I had no idea what it meant to grow my team.  
Insert Younique.   I thrived. I prospered.  I did awesome. 

I hit a triple promotion in one month. I made decent pay,  but my heart wasn’t into it.  I couldn’t be that girl who messaged everybody out of the blue begging for orders and parties.  That’s how direct sales works.  That’s how you make contacts and grow your business.  You annoy everybody around you until they give in. 

I couldn’t figure out a way to work my business to where it was worth it financially (in regards to how much time it took me) and where I don’t annoy the living daylights out of everybody I know, and even don’t know.

Morally, I can’t be in a line of business that requires me to pester people on a daily business for my own financial gain.   I am not a car salesman.  

Now, I want to help direct sellers with advertising here on the blog.   Sponsored posts and sidebar ads that help with sales and networking are what I want to do.   I want to make life easier for those in direct sales because let’s face it; it’s a dog eat dog world out there.

Will I ever join direct sales again? Probably not.   I’m happy with how my life is now.  There is so much less stress,  and I am genuinely glad to not be affiliated with any company; I truly am my own boss.  

Did I ever tell y’all I was reported to compliance for posting a towel photo, captioning “hot shower didn’t help my toothache”.  twice.   This specific company threatened to dismiss me if I didn’t remove the very innocent image.   So.. I’ll leave it at that.  I don’t want to censor my life, I don’t want to be a nuisance.  I just want to live.  

Will I still buy direct sales products? Heck yeah!!  I’m ordering Younique off a friend in the near future and wishing Perfectly Posh shipped to Canada.  

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