Life in Shorts – Video Summary in Seconds!


About the Company : 
Life In Shorts is an app available in the Itunes store.  It’s completely free to download, and allows simple, streamlined use for every day people.  You don’t need to be a genius to use this app, as many video editing apps might need.  

You choose however many videos you’d like from your camera roll, and how long you want each snippet to be.   For example, 4 seconds.  You then choose your favorite 4 seconds from each video chosen, and the app will compile them into one video.   This is perfect for short videos taken of children at the zoo, at a birthday party.   You can make the videos short enough for Instagram, even!  Which is something I look for.  

How I feel about the App : 

Because of my work in direct sales, I make videos often and I have been through my fair share of paid and free video editing apps.   I also take short videos of my pets or dinners i’m making.   Think ; snapchat style.  But then i’m here looking at my camera roll, and I have 8 short videos, but can only post one to Instagram (or annoy my friends and post 8 separate ones).   

I have used another video app for adding multiple smaller videos together, and it’s very confusing.  When speaking to my team about it,  I always have to send detailed instructions on how to use it. Life In Shorts has one objective ; add the best parts of multiple videos together to great one single summary video.   It literally took me less than 3 minutes to figure this app out, and create two videos.


It opens up your video gallery and you can choose however many videos you’d like 


and then you can choose which part of those videos you want to add to your Life In Shorts Summary Video


I also appreciate that I wasn’t bombarded with ads while playing around and using this app.  

Definitely an app I will continue using, and recommend to my teams to use.   Perfect for people like myself who take short videos for work,  maybe youtubers that need snippet videos for IG,  parents who want to show off their childs day, or weekend,  or young adults wanting to show off their night on the town!  

Try it today, free of charge, and let us know your opinion in the comments.  

Oh, and here’s a video I made of the resident cats being silly!! 


Download the Life in Shorts App on iTunes now!

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