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Live the Candy Experience !


Treat yourself to delicious mouth-watering

candydelivered right to your doorstep.

Candy Experience brings the candy store experience to you. Each month you’ll receive a curated selection of candy from Canada and beyond.



What’s Inside Your Box?

  • Each month, your Candy Experience will include a box filled with 6-7 delicious mouthwatering types and flavours of candy.
  • Enjoy some of your familiar favourites, candy you’ll try for the very first time, and candy from foreign destinations.
  • They feature a curated selection of sour, sweet, and occasionally spicy candy delights.
  • The candy is in heat sealed, reusable ziplock pouches that keeps the candy fresh for you.


How It Works

 Pick Your Monthly Plan

Select a monthly plan or save money with their discounted 3 or 6-month plans.

                Personal Gift Box – 4 TYPES OF CANDY                                                                                Original Gift Box – 6-7 TYPES OF CANDY            
                               Up to 2 lbs. of candy                                                                                                           Up to 3 lbs. of candy 
                                      $21.95 / mo.                                                                                                                                                                $29.95 / mo.



They Build Your Experience

Each month you’ll receive a curated selection of candy from Canada and beyond.

They’ll include sweet, sour, spicy, and everything in between.


They Ship & You Start EnjoyingThey ship boxes on the 20th of the month. Track it, receive it and start enjoying a unique candy experience. 


My first box !

How does 3 pounds of candy a month sounds to you ? To me, angels are singing, fireworks are exploding and my tummy is growling ! As you can see right above, I received a pretty awesome selection for my first Candy Experience and i’m not disappointed. Sweet gummies, sour gummies, licorice and even some chocolate macaroons ! I absolutely loved the grapefruit slices and the salt water taffee. It was the perfect selection to satisfy my sweet tooth and share around during movie night. The element of not knowing what you will receive next is so thrilling. Who knows if you will get sweets you never tried before or even some that you had as a child.

So why settle for less? Each month they’ll send you a carefully chosen selection of unique candies.

Each box will contain up to three pounds of candy and 6-7 flavours and types of candy.

Let’s get started on your monthly candy experience!

Subscribe for yourself or give as a gift.


Bonus – Refer friends and get a $5 cash reward. Sweet!

Give your friends 10% off their 1st order. You get $5 cash when they use your link to buy a subscription at Candy Experience. Sweet deal! Cash rewards are paid out via PayPal.


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  1. Sarah Letendre says:

    This is super cool ! I know a couple ppl that would love this as a gift ! something to keep in mind

  2. Judy Cowan says:

    I would love this since I am a big candy fan, would be exciting waiting for it to arrive each month.

  3. Lynda Cook says:

    This is a great way to try different candies and plus to get our candy craving!!

  4. Anne Taylor says:

    Wow, we’d all love to have candy delivered to our door! Thanks for the info!

  5. Caryn Coates says:

    This is so cool. I am definitely going to look into getting this. Who doesn’t love candy 🙂

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