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Make sure your teenagers know what to do if they have a car accident

Most parents have mixed feelings when their children start to drive. They like the fact that it provides them with more freedom, and it is always good to see a child successfully master a new skill. 

But, it is also nerve-wracking. Naturally, every parent will worry that their child might have an accident, which unfortunately is a legitimate worry. The incident of auto accidents amongst teenagers is quite high, so it is important to ensure that your child knows how to handle that situation. Whether the vehicle is new or old, equipped with the best and latest gadgets like blind spot detection, there is always that chance that they could be involved in an accident.

Get in contact with the relevant people

The question of whether it’s worth getting a lawyer following a car accident is definitely a valid one. Weigh up your options, do your research and come to an informed decision on the matter.

It is also important to teach your child to work out whether the police need to attend the scene or not. That largely depends on what the law says in the area they are driving in. You also need to coach your child on making sure that they co-operate without inadvertently taking the blame for the accident. In fact, according to the legal experts at , it has been noticed that victims often end up overlooking the importance of discussing their case with an experienced lawyer until it gets too late. And this can cause an issue during the insurance settlements. Victims end up getting compensation far too less than they actually deserve. 

They will need to understand how to contact their insurance company. Most teenagers are not aware that the insurance company is not necessarily going to represent their best interests. Usually, their primary aim is to minimize how much they have to payout. 

How to handle the scene

It is especially important to teach them how to handle themselves at the scene of an accident. The chances are they will be very shocked. In that state, they are likely to be prone to panic. Teach them to pause, take a breath and calm themselves.

Make sure they know how to render assistance

Make sure that they understand that they are responsible for checking that everyone is alright. If someone is not they should know how to quickly summon help.

It is also worth sending them on a short first aid course. Also, show them where the car’s first aid kit is and familiarize them with what it contains.

Show them how to secure the scene

They will also have to know how to make sure that the accident they are involved in does not lead to another one. Simple things like them knowing that they need to put their hazards lights on can stop a bad situation from getting a lot worse. There are a few other things they need to be made aware of, which you can find out about here

Initially, your children may resist your efforts to teach them what they need to know. They will hate any suggestion that you think they may have an accident. If that happens, gently persist. Doing so will pay off in the end. 

Sadly, statistics show that all of us will be involved in at least one accident during our driving lives. So, it is knowledge they will need at some stage.

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