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MelodySusie VIOLETILLY 48W LED Nail Lamp

Melody and Susie were two young and passionate nail art professionals/cosmetologists living in San Francisco, California. After seeing many working women struggling to balance work, family and self-care at their salon, they decided to start a new career. In 2009, Melody and Susie founded MelodySusie, a beauty brand with salon quality products for customers to use at home that were still very affordable.

Through their hard work, the company has now grown into a professional beauty product supplier with multiple product lines. They offer products like nail lamps and gels, fashion wigs, skin care products and so on.

Today, Melody, Susie and everyone at MelodySusie are still dedicated to technological innovation to create more professional and reliable home-beauty products. The MelodySusie team will continue to strive towards its mission: helping women to pursue beauty and personal growth and, most importantly, to pursue the balance in life.




The Violetilly 48W LED Lamp Gel Nail Polish Dryer can cure any LED Gel nail polish. It can do so, more efficiently with shorter time for a beautiful manicure that lasts up to three weeks. With the preset timer function, you can choose the time as you wish. This Nail Dryer is very efficient and you can dry almost any LED Gel nail polish in 5 seconds.


  • Lightweight and compact to be portable and save space.
  • Wide opening to fit five fingers or toes at once.
  • LED light has 30,000 hours lifespan, no need to replace.
  • LCD displays the remaining curing.
  • SUPER COMPATIBLE with all kinds of LED gel polishes.
  • QUICK DRYING: It was designed with an AUTOMATIC MOTION SENSOR and 3 preset time controls (5s, 20s, 30s). Auto-motion sensor means that the LED light shuts off when hand is removed, also saving energy.
  • FASHION UNIQUE Design with detachable bottom, it provides you refreshing experience and you can dry your gelled feet nails as well as hand nails.


How to Use Nail Lamps

1. Apply your gel polish according to its usage instructions.

2. Use the appropriate auto-timed setting (per your gel polish’s requirements), or simply insert your hand/foot and the lamp will automatically activate.

3. As the VIOLETILLY 48W LED Nail Lamp features a smart motion sensor, avoid removing your hand until curing is complete.

4. Please note that curing requirements vary based on gel polish brand. Ensure that your polish is compatible before purchase.

5. If gel polish is a bit tacky after drying, wipe your nails with a gentle cleanser. Enjoy beautiful, long-lasting gel color!


When I first got into gel nails, I started off with the MelodieSusie 12W LED Nail Lamp. But now I’m more at an intermediate level and my polishes require a higher wattage to cure. I love how big this unit is. I especially love the 3 concentrated LEDs on the thumbs. You are no longer required to dry your thumbs separately and you’ll avoid polish pooling. This light is also extremely POLITE! It’s says “hello” when it starts and “goodbye” when it is done! You can’t get better than that!


You can procure your own MelodySusie VIOLETILLY 48W LED Nail Lamp here.

If you’d like to learn more about MelodySusie or any of their products, head over to their Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


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