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Menopause and hormonal treatment with Estrogel


For most women, menopause is quite a confusing period. Overnight, body starts experiencing different changes, usually negative ones, and it is very hard to control them. Although this is a transitional period meant to regulate things within an organism, it doesn’t change the fact that it can be quite arduous.

Organism is built in a way so that it can regulate most of the problems. This usually isn’t true when it comes to menopause. During this period, female body loses large amount of estrogen. Given that this is the primary hormone which controls reproductive function and many other systems within a woman’s body, it is only normal that the organism will respond with various symptoms and difficulties as it tries to survive period of adaptation.

This wouldn’t be a problem if estrogen didn’t have such an important function. Furthermore, we can regard it as the most important chemical within a body. Because of this, female will experience different symptoms. Most common issues that appear during menopause are hot flushes, vaginal dryness and irritation as well as different mental problems. Some women may even suffer from a form of urinary incontinence due to menopause. No matter what you are going through, finding the right specialist like Advanced Urology
can be a massive help, especially when you are going through menopause. It can be a difficult time for a lot of women, so this is why getting as much support as you can will benefit you through this transition.

Even though flushes are quite irritating, latter two are the real issue. Vaginal dryness can severely affect woman’s sexual desire and relationship with the partner. To top it all off, women are experiencing frequent mood swings, depression and anxiety which is further deepening the issue. During post menopause, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis will add another problem to already long list. These issues will lead to loss of cartilage and bone density which will in terms result in deformation, loss of mobility and fractures. Nevertheless, modern science gives us solution to this issue. Order Estrogel online and quickly restore level of estrogen within the body.

During menopause, women need to make various changes to their lifestyle. Menopause is a situation during which female body starts losing valuable substances. Besides estrogen, person also loses vitamin D and calcium, both very important for bones and joint. In order to restore natural balance and counter different problems, it is necessary for an individual to incorporate mild exercises, healthy diet and to quit smoking and drinking. All of these things will contribute to person’s well-being and they will also reduce symptoms of menopause while protecting bone structure.

Besides natural treatments, women should also use drugs. Estrogel is an excellent solution to this problem, providing just the right amount of estrogen in order to avoid issues such as vaginal dryness and hot flushes. According to You! Drugstore, this is the most popular estrogen medicine in Europe and Canada. Estrogel owes its success to natural components present within the drug. Hormones used for this drug are very similar to those produced by the body and this is a good way to avoid all the side effects which are otherwise caused by other hormonal medicines. Because of this, body will be able to absorb it without any long term health issue.

There are some negative sides to Estrogel. People with a liver disease, vaginal bleeding, cancer, blood-clothing disorder or history of strokes and heart attacks, shouldn’t use this medicine. Medicine can lead to weight gain, headache, back pain, vaginal itching and vaginal pain as well as white vaginal discharge.

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  1. Heidi c. says:

    My mom had an early hysterectomy for endometriosis and went into premature menopause. Her doctor didn’t prescribe and hormone therapy because it was controversial at the time. She could definitely have benefited from this.

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