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MissFresh – Review

MissFresh is a company founded in Montreal that invites you to rediscover the pleasure of cooking and eating in your own home by making it easy for you to prepare a range of delicious meals. This innovative concept can liberate your household from weekly meal planning, grocery shopping and food waste. MissFresh uses ingredients from local producers to ensure freshness and quality no matter what the season. Customers can also rest easy in the knowledge that all meats and fish are guaranteed hormone-free.


Each week, a choice of balanced, delicious meals for meat-eaters and vegetarians alike are offered on a varied menu. All the ingredients have been pre-measured for meals that they can be prepared in less than 30 minutes. Boxes can be delivered to your home or your office, and the insulated and recyclable packaging keeps food fresh for hours.


I have to give MissFresh a big round of applause on this matter that is so near and dear to my heart. We need to help our planet as much as we can. GOOD JOB MISSFRESH!


MissFresh offers 4 different boxes for your dining pleasures:

Vegetarian Box
A weekly selection of vegetarian recipes packed with seasonal vegetables, hearty grains and animal-free proteins. Whether you are vegetarian or a meat-lover, you will enjoy refined dining with these unique and delicious meatless recipes.


Chef Box
A weekly selection of recipes including meat, fish, produce, and grains. You’ll love the flavorful variety of these family friendly recipes.


Custom Box
Your selection amongst all the available gourmet recipes including meat, fish, produce, and grains. Choose your favorites based on your dietary preference.


Kilo Solution Box
Isabelle Huot, Ph.D in nutrition, presents her selection of healthy, delicious and tasty recipes. In less than 30 minutes, savour a balanced and satisfying meal developed following rigorous nutritional criteria. Perfect to enjoy by yourself, with your partner or amongst friends. The pleasure of dining well without the guilt!

Our first recipe we had the pleasure to try was the Beef Stir Fry. I have to admit, I wasn’t looking forward to this recipe. I have such a hard time cooking beef the way each member of my family likes it, I always end up overcooking it and it becomes rubbery. But I was determined to give this a shot!

I followed the recipe step by step and found it really easy to follow. Although the time allowed to cook the brussels sprouts really was not sufficient. I had to re-cook them for several minutes after our meal was through. I believe an adjustment would have to be made on the cooking time.


The instruction called to cook the beef for 3 minutes on each side, I knew that wouldn’t be enough but that isn’t a mistake in the instructions, that is simply our preference. The beef was still bloody after it had cooked for 3 minutes on each side, I knew my family wouldn’t eat it like that so I continued to cook it to their likings.

I have to say, the company name is very appropriate because while I was cooking,I kept repeating myself over and over about how fresh all the ingredients were! I don’t even think these vegetables are in season, yet they are so big, colorful and they smell so wonderful. I’m truly impressed!

In the end, the meal came together nicely.  The beef was extremely tender and juicy. The rice had a nice consistency. The red bell peppers were truly delicious. And once we re-cooked the brussels sprouts they were very good as well.


On a side note, in the recipe, there is a mention of chopping a Jalapeño and then we never speak of it again. The Jalapeño was not included in the box either. It was quite odd.

Moving on to our second recipe, the Lemon Butter Chicken with Sage. Now, this I was super excited for, I absolutely love couscous but I’ve never made it at home before. This was going to be fun!

With all my ingredients pre-measured, this was so easy. I started to follow the instructions which indicated to heat the butter in a frying pan over medium heat and add the chicken. Press the sage into the chicken and cook for 10 minutes on each side.

In goes the chicken and on goes my timer for 10 minutes. The instructions then indicate to move on to the couscous while your chicken is cooking. I never knew how easy couscous was to make. 

I was sad that my pesto had leaked but was quite impressed that they had thought to put the container in a small bag, so the pesto wasn’t smeared over all my ingredients.

My family loved this couscous recipe, the only thing we would change is to add more feta. We are big cheese lovers.

I finished the salad just in time as my timer rang…

I could tell they had cooked too long, 10 minutes was too much! Almost all the butter was gone. I did my best to finish cooking the chicken without overcooking the other side as well. Once the chicken was fully cooked, I proceeded to make the lemon butter sauce.

this sauce was a pain in my you know what! The instructions said it would take 3 minutes to reduce over medium. Well, let me tell you, 35 minutes later it was still not reduced. All that work and my family didn’t even like the darn thing. They all ate their chicken without the sauce.

Even though my chicken was slightly over cooked I’d still say that this was a very successful meal.


This is exactly the kind of service that busy people like doctors, nurses or lawyers need. When you finish a 12 hour work day the last thing you want to do is go grocery shopping. Having the satisfaction of knowing that that’s one less thing you have to do is so relieving.

Your parents/grandparents depend on you to bring them grocery shopping every week but you’ve been working crazy hours and can’t seem to find the time. MissFresh has you covered!

This service is even convenient for those busy moms who have to bring little Jimmy to soccer and Jenna to ballet after school then rush back home to make supper before dad gets home from work.

Would I use this service? ABSOLUTELY! In fact, I just subscribed.

If you’d like to learn more about MissFresh or if you’d like to subscribe head over to their website.

Would you like to try MissFresh? Use coupon code: CANADIANMOM to receive $25 off your first order! 


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