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Must Haves for Back-to-School with Sears Canada #GotItAtSears

School is right around the corner (YAY!) and parents all over Canada are getting their last minute school supplies. Sears offers a wide variety of styles, sizes and prices to fit everyone’s budget!

Shop for pieces that can be mixed-and-matched together.  Try to avoid the “in” thing, as it won’t be “in” six months down the road and also try to avoid clothing with your child’s favourite characters on them. They will change their character preferences soon enough and won’t want to wear that brand new shirt you just got them.

I remember going to Sears for back to school shopping as a child.  I remember each one of us having a turn at picking out clothing we liked and leaving the store with some new clothing we were happy to wear. I like to keep that tradition going with my kids, as it lets them be desition makers and lets them show off their own personal style.


We went to Sears with a budget of $200. I think we came out with a good amount of items and some pretty great outfits.

Let us show you the outfits we managed to snag!

Outfit #1 

Big Girls’ Short-sleeve Graphic Tee – $3.97

Big Girls’ Knit Leggings – $7.97 or 2 for $12

She chose this shirt because this is something she says A LOT!

Outfit #2

Big Girls’ Short-sleeve Graphic Tee – $3.97

Big Girls’ Dot Print Cotton-Rich Legging – $7.97  or 2 for $12

She absolutely loves this tee. She said she NEEDED it because it’s everything she loves.

Outfit #3

Big Girls’ Short-sleeve Graphic Tee – $3.97

Big Girls’ Star Printed Cotton-Rich Legging – $7.97 or 2 for $12

Outfit #4

Big Girls’ Fleece Hoodie – $16.97

Big Girls’ Knit Leggings – $7.97 or 2 for $12

Danika has a thing of sweaters and jackets – she gets cold easily and always has to have a sweater nearby.  She chose this one because of the zipper, which will make it easier to put on or take off in class, it’s cute star design as well as it being very soft and cosy.

As you can see from all the outfits she chose, she is into the darker colours and simple prints.  I am okay with this as she has some other bright coloured clothing that she loves and can mix and match with what she picked out at Sears.

Danika is at that age where she doesn’t want mommy to help pick out her clothes for her anymore. She wants to be there to shop and pick her outfits herself.  She uses various ways to express herself, and clothing is one of those ways. Sears has a large variety of styles to suit even the pickiest child.

In total, we spent $64 with tax on her outfits.


Unlike his sister, Jayden will wear just about anything. He’s the kind of child that is happy to receive underwear for his birthday and Christmas.


Outfit #1

Little Boys’ Long Sleeve Graphic Tee – $7.97 or 2 for $12

Little Boys’ Slim Straight Fit Denim – $12.97 or 2 for $20

Jayden is a lover of gaming. This shirt just screamed his name when we saw it!

Outfit #2

Little Boys’ Long Sleeve Graphic Tee – $7.97 or 2 for $12

Little Boys’ Slim Straight Fit Denim – $12.97 or 2 for $20

Another “Game On” shirt that we knew he would love!

Outfit #3

Little Boys’ Raglan Sleeve Athletic Tee – $9.97

Little Boys’ Heathered Fleece Jogger Pant – $12.97

Outfit #4

Little Boys’ Short-sleeve Striped Tee – $3.97

 I also purchased this shirt in grey, as it’s a versatile colour and will match with anything.

Little Boys’ Open Bottom Fleece Pant – $14.97


I spent $87 with tax on his outfits. I’m sure I could have spent a little less, but he loves fleece and jogging pants – or as he calls them.. “fuzzy pants”.

In total, I purchased 18 articles of clothing and spent $151.  $49 under budget! SCORE!

At these prices, I plan on getting a few extra clothing items in bigger sizes and store them for Christmas and Birthdays!

Everything I purchased was very affordable and from the Sears Label collection.


To make back to school clothes shopping a little easier, I have a few tips to share with you before you head out!




  • Before you set foot in the store, go through your children’s closets and see what still fits and is in good condition. After taking inventory, figure out what your kids still need (How many underwears, socks, pants, shirts etc..) to get them through during the week until the next laundry day.

Set a budget per child

  • If you have a pre-determined amount of money to spend per child, you are less likely to overspend.

Check out the clearance racks

  • Sears always has great deals on their private label, but I love shopping the clearance racks anyway. Who can pass up a good deal on clothing, and this is also a great way to get more bang for your buck!



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    The kids are sure sporting some nice items,i love Sears they have such reasonable prices !

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