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My back hurts, should I see a chiropractor?

People who have been in pain can attest to how horrible the experience is. This is not that stub on the toe pain that easily goes away after a few minutes, but extreme pain where you have tried everything but nothing offers relief. The constant throbbing headache, sore back, and herniated discs when even taking the most effective pain killers does not help. So what do you do about it? 

Thanks to contemporary therapy, there are several drug-free ways to provide relief to individuals experiencing pain. Chiropractor care is among the alternative treatments that thousands of pain sufferers are embracing every year. If your bones have moved out of their proper alignment, a chiropractor will manipulate and adjust them back into their right place. However, chiropractors are not the only professionals who have to use alternative methods to relieve pain. Massage therapists also help with reducing discomfort and treating situational or chronic pain. 

Both of these treatments would benefit people dealing with pain, but each works differently. Some situations call for the help of a chiropractor, while a massage therapist best handles others. So, in what instances should you see either? It all depends on your condition. Before booking an appointment with a trusted chiropractor in North York, let’s figure out together whether your back-pain case calls for the attention of a massage therapist or chiropractor. 


Both chiropractors and massage therapists offer a helping hand to people in pain; however, they have different approaches to the healing journey. Chiropractors mainly focus on manipulating the spine to adjust the vertebrae, while massage therapists specialize in releasing muscle tension by manipulating the body’s soft tissue. Depending on why your back hurts, the following are instances when to see a chiropractor vs. a massage therapist. 


Chiropractic care


According to the experts at Icon Medical Centers, before booking an appointment with your chiropractor, you should ask yourself one crucial question. What is the root of your back pain? Is it an injury, poor posture, or a strained ligament? For correction, all these cases require manipulating the hard tissue; thus, a chiropractic adjustment would be most appropriate. Because back pain has often been associated with spinal and joint misalignment, the chiropractor will carry further tests to pinpoint the exact problem. It is only then that the affected area will have to undergo precise manipulation as part of treatment. Your chiropractor may also assign physical healing exercises as part of the treatment. However, if you have fragile health issues such as osteoporosis or physical abnormality, it is crucial to first talk to your specialist. The specialist will then give you the green light before seeking chiropractic care.


Massage therapy


Different reasons can cause lower back pain, muscle soreness being among them. When you overwork your muscles, two things happen, you become sore and fatigue. The soreness and inflammation can bring about discomfort, which can only be relieved through muscle manipulation. Massage therapy will be the better treatment option to unwind and relax your muscles. Applying pressure on the soft tissue will do wonders relieving tension in the muscles. After the massage session, you will feel more comfortable and will have regained some energy. 


These insights will give you hints on whether seeking the help of a chiropractor or massage therapist is better for your ailment, but you should know they both go well together.  Including massage therapy as part of your chiropractic care will improve your healing journey. However if you have to choose one consult with a medical professional for an accurate prescription. Before scheduling a chiropractic session, have a sit down with your doctor to discuss which would be the best option for you. You can also get an appointment with a chiropractor to determine if chiropractic care is best for your underlying back issues.


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