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One Of The Great Relationships In Life! Getting A Dog For The Right Reasons


It’s one of the most important relationships you will ever have in your life. If you’ve never had a dog before, there are so many things that they can do for you, and you can do for them. Some of us grew up without a pet, and as such, we may have a yearning to have an animal later in life. But with this, it’s not just about looking after the dog in the right way, but it’s about understanding what a dog can do for you. But also, ensuring that you are able to give the pet the love and care that it needs… 

Picking The Right Dog For Your Lifestyle

If you are looking for a dog to suit your lifestyle, you’ve got to make sure that you pick the right one. There are some dogs that require more care and attention than others, and it all depends on the breed. You might be looking for lab puppies because they are cute, but if they don’t suit your lifestyle, then you will end up struggling. Not only this, but if you end up going through issues with the dog either because of their history, or you are just not able to look after them properly, then it will be back to square one, this will leave the dog upset, and you will struggle as well. Make sure that it works for both of you. When we have concerns about this, we should go to the pet shelter and find the best type of dog for our lifestyle. Ultimately, we got to think about the fact that looking after a dog is a little bit like looking after a baby. But with the one added difference: babies don’t move! As our life will change forever, we’ve got to ensure that, especially during the first couple of months when we do potty training, we have everything in place. This means that we’ve got to have a look at our lifestyle and make sure that the dog is able to fit in with it. If we work 12 hour days, those first couple of months are incredibly difficult. 

How A Dog Can Benefit Your Life

For all of the hard work at the very outset, having a dog can benefit you in so many ways. While your life will forever change, there are some medical and emotional benefits to having a dog. A dog can keep you fit and active because you’re taking them out for walks, so you lose weight, but also, they are fantastic in terms of your mental health. And if you are someone who didn’t grow up with a pet, they can help your mental health in many ways. When we interact with pets, our stress hormones lower. If you are someone that suffers from anxiety, playing with a dog or any pets can increase the love hormone oxytocin. When you’re the sort of person that isn’t a cuddly type, having a pet that demands affection means that you can very easily get that relaxing sensation by stroking or cuddling them. The great thing about having a dog is that they give you so much love and ask for very little in return.

Ensuring You Do It For The Right Reasons

Yes, as a dog can be a boost to your life in so many ways, it can feel like a purely one-sided relationship. But, this is where we have to remember that we are responsible for this dog. As heartbreaking as it is to see those owners neglect or even abuse their pets, we’ve got to remember that a dog is an animal that gives so much love and asks for, relatively, very little in return. And while we need to know the basics of looking after a dog, we have to remember that if we’ve grown up without a pet, we can be somewhat self-centred in our approach to life in numerous ways. Perhaps you had a pet goldfish when you were younger, and they died, but if you are determined to make a difference now, not just your life, but you feel that a dog is more than just a fashion accessory, you’ve got to be sure you are doing it for the right reasons. A lot of people feel that they want a pet later in life for reasons of aesthetic. This is very much the wrong way to go about things. As you may have kids that could benefit from an additional purpose and meaning to life, a dog can bring that into the household. A pet can do so many different things for a family. It teaches resilience, responsibility, but it can also be the glue that binds a family together. But if it’s just you, and you’re looking to get a pet later in life, it needs to be for the right reasons for both sides.

One Of The Greatest Relationships

Whether you have a loving family, or you’re on your own, a dog can benefit your life in numerous ways. It’s not just that they are beneficial to our mental and physical health, but having an animal that relies on us for pretty much everything can make us step up to the plate. By having something rely on us in this way, we have yet to learn about who we really are, and what things are missing. Having responsibility for anything else in life, whether it’s a house, a baby, or a pet, means that we are having to take on a lot more stress, figure out what our weak spots are, and learn to become more resilient and grow as people. And this is why having a pet is beneficial to anybody in all walks of life. For children, it teaches them the fundamentals of caring for something other than themselves, and for us, it makes us fine-tune our life skills that little bit more. Whether you are someone who fancies getting a dog because it sounds great in theory, or you are someone who is determined to raise a loving family, never underestimate how much a dog changes things.

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