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Simple Kitchen DIY That Anyone Can Do

Updating the kitchen is necessary from time to time but getting somebody else in to do it for you can be quite expensive, and you don’t always need to. Instead of calling plumbers and carpenters in, why not get your hands dirty and do a bit of DIY? It’ll be much cheaper and you never know, you might even enjoy it. There are some things that are going to be a bit too complex for you to do yourself, so occasionally you will need to pay for outside help, but for the most part, you should be able to do things yourself. Here are a few DIY projects that you can do around the kitchen.



The first thing to look at is general maintenance around the kitchen. A leaking tap is one of the most common problems around the kitchen and if you get a plumber to fix it, you’ll be left feeling pretty annoyed at the price considering it will only take them about half an hour. You can get a great range of kitchen sink taps online and these days, most taps are fitted with tap tails that easily unscrew. You can find the isolator valve for the taps somewhere under sink, switch it off to avoid any accidents. Once it’s off, simply unscrew the old tap, and put the new one in. If you have an older tap, there may be some pipe cutting involved so it’s best to get a plumber.

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Retiling is another fairly simple DIY task that can change the look of your kitchen. As long as you make sure to use tile spacers and take your time when you are putting them on, you can’t really go wrong. A decorator would charge you a fair amount for this so it’s best to do it on your own.



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Putting up your own shelving is very simple. You can buy shelving kits at any good DIY shop that will provide you with everything that you need. The key here is measure up properly and mark the wall before you start drilling the brackets into the wall; if you get it wrong you’ll end up with random holes in the wall that look rubbish. Alternatively, you can find any second-hand pieces of wood that look nice and use them as the shelves. Buy separate brackets and fit them yourself.


Splashback Kits


Fitting a whole new splashback behind your sink is quite a difficult job and probably requires a professional. However, there are sticky back splashback kits that offer an easy way of changing the look yourself. They are simply a peel back plastic that you can stick over the top of your old splashback. The only thing you need to do is make sure that it’s clean and dry before you stick it on.



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If you’re getting a bit fed up of the same old units, but don’t want to go through the hassle of replacing them all, there is a solution. Changing all of the handles for newer, more fancy ones can make them look like completely new units.



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