Speecup Bluetooth Speaker Review!

Hi Everyone! Welcome to my first ever review.

Last week I got the Speecup Bluetooth Speaker in the mail to review for you guys, and to be honest I didn’t know a thing about the speaker. I refused to google it, not wanting to be biased if I read a lot of similar reviews. So, I went into this knowing nothing.


When you first open the box, you obviously have the Speecup, an auxiliary cord (to connect Speecup to your phone, if Bluetooth doesn’t want to work), a charging cord and a jelly non-slip mat. I automatically wanted to charge it, like any new electronic. So I grabbed the charging cord and automatically realized a Con about this product. Not a huge deal, but it sure was annoying! The Speecup doesn’t come with a ‘brick’. The little square thing that attaches the charging cord to the outlet (come on IPhone users, you know what I mean!) so I had to use the one I use to charge my phone. Now I can’t keep both devices plugged in at the same time, which is a mild annoyance to me.

Once I connected the Speecup and my phone via Bluetooth, I realized my phone shows me how much battery life is left in the Speecup. Awesome feature. (Not sure if this is a Speecup thing, or an iPhone thing but either way, it was neat!). Later, while reading the box I noticed the Speecup has a 20 hour battery. 20 hours!!! And yes, I put this to the test, I haven’t charged it since the day I got it, and I’ve used it for AT LEAST an hour a day, and once overnight. It still has a quarter battery left. Thumbs up on battery life!

My first impression was that the Speecup was large. Exactly the size of a travel mug. But wow! It can sure pack some punch! I turned the volume up as loud as it can go, (for testing purposes, really!) and it’s definitely worth the size.

I have a strange taste in music, so for the volume test I used a song that I knew, if something was going to blow a speaker up at full-volume it would be this, the new Lean Back remix with Fat Joe & Eminem. (Yeah, I may need to bring the neighbours a fruit basket now that I think of it..) The Speecup handled it like a champ.

The Speecup has a lot of neat features, like voice command through Siri (she’ll change songs or call people and use the Speecup as a speakerphone) and motion sensing to change songs. The voice command is good, but I have yet to figure outthe motion sensing. I’ve waived my hand over the speaker like the user manual suggests but it hasn’t worked. I’ll report back on this one, while I still try to figure it out. (Neighbours now have seen me furiously waving at a travel mug looking thing..!)

Overall I think the Speecup is a great speaker. It’s pros definitely outweigh the cons of it being large and the brick not included. For me, it’s not much of a car item because most people have a stereo in their car that you can just hook your phone to with an auxiliary cord, but it’s a great around the house item! I bring it around with me everywhere, especially when I clean, or to keep me company while I separate meat from a Costco haul.  Haha!





(Ps. It’s been dog & cat approved. Dropped off a table and tipped over many times and it’s still alive! Although I don’t recommend dropping your Speecup!)



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  1. Lynda Cook says:

    Great review, I don’t own an iphone so this wouldn’t be any good to me, but my daughter sure would love it!

  2. Laurie P says:

    oooh, I have to have one of these…..they would make great gifts too!

  3. angela m says:

    Loved your review. Great for on the go in the car.

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