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Stream Yourself Smarter with Netflix #StreamTeam

I remember as a child watching Magic School bus and asking my mom a million questions during the episodes and she would simply answer “keep watching, you’ll find out soon enough!”

Truth is, my mom probably couldn’t answer half of my questions. Although I was watching a kids show, Ms. Frizzle was teaching us some seriously complicated stuff and back in those days, we didn’t have the internet at the tip of our fingers like we do today.

Now that the show has been revamped for a new generation, you can bet that our kids will be coming at us with numerous question that will have us puzzled. Luckily we have Google on our side to help us.

Kids are curious little creatures. It seems like they are asking a never-ending amount of questions on a daily basis. It doesn’t take long for them to turn family movie night into a never-ending session of 21 Questions.

Let Google help you take a trip to Motunui with Moana or explore the hidden depths of King Julien’s Madagascan home.


Even when it’s just the adults in the family watching, we still seem to be full of questions! When following a series you may find yourself turning to Google to search for facts while you watch.  Remember when you used to watch a show or movie and ask yourself, “Where do I know that actor from?” The answer is only a few clicks away!

Boyd Holbrook I spotted in Narcos: yep, he was in Very Good Girls. Google is the one to turn to while streaming your favourite Netflix shows.

We want to know, which shows do your children like to ask a million questions to?


There are so many wonderful shows to watch this month for the little ones. New episodes of Word Party that is now streaming.  New this month just in time for Halloween is Super Monsters. For the older kids, blast into action with new seasons of Skylanders Academy and Voltron: Legendary Defender.

You won’t want to miss the highly anticipated Stranger Things 2 when the return to Hawkins – and the Upside Down – comes to Netflix on October 27.  Are you excited?!

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