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Things to do online with friends and family


It’s a scary time right now. That’s for sure. There are a lot of uncertainties and unknowns, and it can be really hard to stay calm and focused on other things when you’re being flooded with the news, social media posts, and texts from your friends and family asking you if you’re staying safe.

Most of us love hanging out with our friends on the weekends or enjoy an evening out with family that you only get to see once or twice a year. But these are weird times we live in, and social distancing isn’t going away any time soon. We have compiled a list of some fun things you can do with your friends and family over video chat. 


  • Watch or stream online videos and TV series. 
  • Play video games
  • Play online games. 
  • Play an online escape room 
  • Join a virtual paint night
  • Host a themed lunch or dinner over video chat
  • Host a virtual karaoke night
  • Start a virtual book club
  • Start a recipe club
  • Play cards against humanity 
  • Watch a Bob Ross painting tutorial and paint together virtually 
  • Host a talent show
  • Play 20 questions
  • Host Trivia Night
  • Host a craft night with items you find around the house or get cheaply from the dollar store
  • Play Charades
  • Do video workouts together
  • learn about bet365 login together
  • Or just have a drink over video and chit-chat like before

Whatever you choose, have fun and bond with your friends, and family even if you can’t physically be there with them! 



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