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Thrive Life with Christine Mallory

This company is like nothing I’ve seen before.  I was so excited when I was approached with the opportunity to review some of their products. 

About The Company :

Thrive Life is a direct sales company that sells 

In the Fall of 2004, Jason Budge and Steve Palmer felt a growing desire to help people around the world become more self reliant.  With an idea in mind and an entrepreneurial spirit at heart, they founded Shelf Reliance and set off to pursue their dream.

(Shelf Reliance has since been renamed Thrive Life). 

Thrive Life sells food and food storage products that are made to last a while! Great for emergency preparing, or even every day use.  Freeze dried fruits and vegetables, powered milk and honey, and even real meat prepared so it has a long shelf life.   

About The Items I Received : 




Thrive Express – Garden Fresh Vegetable Pasta

Garden Fresh Vegetable Pasta Our Garden Fresh Vegetable Pasta is tossed with hearty vegetables to make a light but satisfying entrée. Bursting with cut green beans, tomato chunks, parmesan cheese, mushrooms, green peas, and chopped bell peppers, this pasta can be made in minutes. Just add boiling water, stir, and enjoy! THRIVE Express products are full of nutritious, great-tasting THRIVE meats and vegetables and just require water for simple preparation in minutes. The 5 year shelf life of THRIVE Express makes it both a perfect choice for your Home Store and a tasty addition to your kitchen. These pouches make it easy to create healthy, convenient, and well-balanced meals the whole family will love.

I was so surprised to see this entree was fully cooked in just a few minutes.  Whenever I make pasta packages I know i’m going to be at the stove stirring and stirring for ages, but this was ready almost instantly.   The vegetables were real.  I could look at them and tell exactly what vegetable it was.  Very impressed with this!  It had a lot of flavour, something I wasn’t expecting at all.   Almost a little too much for my tastes, but I suppose lots of flavour is better than bland!

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Freeze Dried Mangoes 

THRIVE Mangoes are an excellent source of fiber and vitamin A and C. The tropical tastes of mango explode in each bite-size piece of THRIVE Mango. Each piece is freeze-dried to lock in freshness and flavor, so you can enjoy a juicy mango no matter the season.

THRIVE Mangoes blend to perfection to create creamy smoothies and baby food. You can also add a touch of sweetness to any salsa by tossing a handful of mango into the mix.

I’m not a fan of fresh mangoes at all.  I don’t like the texture or the overly sweet taste, so I was very apprehensive to trying the Thrive Freeze Dried Mangoes.   I actually found I love them.  I love the crunchiness and the milder taste than fresh.  Roxy, my dog, was also a fan of these.  They’re perfect to take on hikes and road trips, because they’re real fruit but they don’t spoil and it’s an easy clean-up if they’re dropped in the back seat of the car 😉



Fudge Brownie Mix

Our Fudge Brownie Mix is made from the highest quality ingredients, including specialty cocoa powder for a chocolaty taste like no other. And no hydrogenated oils or artificial colors or flavors means it’s a guilt-free dessert experience!

I’m extremely sad to say I wasn’t able to try this.  I totally ruined the batch of brownies I was attempting to make.   But, seeing as I loved all the previous Thrive Life products I have tried, i’m sure I would have loved this also.  It’s extremely easy to make – just mix in water and bake!  What I can tell you from what I saw of it before I totally ruined it, is that it smells like hot chocolate mix, which I loved.  


Chefs Choice All Purpose Seasoning Blend

THRIVE Chef’s Choice All Purpose Seasoning Blend is a versatile original blend of irresistible herbs and spices. It will put a unique THRIVE twist on anything from roasted vegetables to juicy steaks to fish fillets.

I’m not sure how to describe the seasoning blend other than DELICIOUS! It’s the perfect combination of spices, I don’t even need to add anything else, and i’m a spice/seasoning junkie! Perfect all purpose blend that can be used on virtually anything! 


For more information on Thrive Life or to make an order, please contact Christine Mallory.

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